Easy Giant Snowman Craft

easy giant snowman craft at happyhomefairy.comThe Happy Buddy went back to school yesterday and I am missing my lil’ sidekick!

Over the holiday break we made this Easy Giant Snowman for the bulletin board in his Big Boy Room (which you can see HERE).

We had just cleared the board of all the Happy Buddy’s Christmas projects and I thought it needed a little something to help us celebrate the winter season.

What you will need to make your own…snowman supplies

Cotton Balls

3 Paper Plates


2 Googly Eyes

Orange Nose cut from construction paper

8 Black Circles cut from construction paper

Black Hat cut from construction paper (not shown)

Brown Twig Arms cut from construction paper (not shown)

Wrapping Paper for the scarf and hat accessory (not shown)snowman face

Glue all of the face pieces on the paper plate.snowman tummy

Glue 3 black circles on the paper plate.

snowman cotton ballsSpread generous amounts of glue all around the buttons.

Add cotton balls.snowman cotton balls2

Repeat for the third paper plate.

snowman all togetherYour snowman is coming together…

We took the snowman into the Happy Buddy’s Big Boy Room and hung him up on the bulletin board with pushpins.

snowman 2He looked a little blah, so we glamorized him with a cute wrapping paper scarf and hat, as well as some brown paper twig arms.

snowman 3Then I hung a few of those inexpensive sparkly snowflake ornaments we had still left out from our Christmas decorations on the pushpins.

snowman 5The Happy Buddy also insisted that our snowman have shoes.

snowman 1When I asked the Happy Buddy what we should name our snowman, he immediately responded with, “T-Bone.”



If you don’t have a bulletin board, you could hang the pieces on your Happy Buddy’s bedroom door with tape or use a few magnets and let him hang out on your refrigerator.

Happy Easy Giant Snowman Craft-ing! :-)

*You can find a whole bunch of other adorable, easy Snowman Crafts to do this month HERE.*

8 thoughts on “Easy Giant Snowman Craft

    • I have never seen Clifford (gasp! I know!) but I just asked the Happy Buddy about it and yes, that’s it! If he ever has to go to aftercare at his preschool, that’s where they watch it! Haha! And here I thought I had a kid who was runnin’ with the hood! :-)

  1. Or punch holes and tie him together with yarn or string :)
    Oh, and my 5 yr old always has bizzare names for himself and his creations on the tip of his tongue. Like, for instance, Cheetah-bone…

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