A Fun Way to Give Money As A Gift

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My little brother asked for money for Christmas this year.

I have a hard time just throwing some cash in a card, so I thought I’d take some inspiration from THIS GREAT POST and give him something profitable and fun.

First I took twenty one dollar bills and taped them together.  Then I rolled them up.

I placed them in an empty square tissue box with the first dollar from the roll of bills peeking out the plastic flap.

The tissue box got wrapped up with cute paper and I cut a slit for an opening over the tissue box’s plastic top.

Next I added a ‘Pull Here’ tab to the first dollar and thread it through the slit.

Then the fun began!

money gift 3money gift 4money gift 5money gift 6money gift 7It was so easy and so worth the fun of watching my brother pull that tab.

I think he was actually kind of nervous at first that if he pulled the tab something was going to pop out at him!

If you want to get even more creative, I think next time I would tape the first dollar bill to a tissue and include a note that said, “Don’t BLOW it all in one place!” :-)

Happy Money Gift-ing! :-)

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6 thoughts on “A Fun Way to Give Money As A Gift

  1. Fun stuff, I was stumped about what to give my 16 year old nephew, Money was what I came up with, boring…. I made it into a Christmas tree, took a Styrofoam cone shape and tacked them on even had a star at the top. It was a favorite, He also kept going around saying “see money does grow on trees” .

  2. I did the same thing for my sister-in-law for Christmas too!!! I put a tag on it that said, ‘Don’t blow it all in one place’! =) She loved it!! I also gave another present of money for Christmas where I put single bills in balloons and then blew the balloons up, then we filled a rather large box full of the blown up balloons. He had to pop everyone of them to be able to get the money! Good times!

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