Easy Back to School Teacher Appreciation Gift

**NOTE – In the photos I realize that I completely misspelled TEA-rrific by putting 2 f’s instead of 2 r’s… If you click for the printable, it is corrected. :-) Teehee.**

Do you need a little last-minute something to give to your Happy Buddy’s teacher to let them know how you feel about the upcoming year?

Simply purchase a bottle of Iced Tea.

Then attach the FREE Printable tag (see bottom of post for download).

I just used some double-sided tape.

Easy peasy!

Would you believe that we made 125 of these as favors for all of the Moms at our MOMs group kick-off last Friday? :-)

Click HERE to get your FREE Printable tag!

Happy Easy Teacher Appreciation Gift-ing! :-)

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10 thoughts on “Easy Back to School Teacher Appreciation Gift

  1. That is super cute! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I was wondering if you could help me… our teacher appreciation is toward the end of the year, anyway you could change it to say It’s been a tea-riffic year with you… or something along the lines. I would love to use it!! :) Thank you so much

  2. Hi, I love this idea, and very new to printing tags.. I need some help. Do I buy card stock and print that label? What size? Any suggestions?

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