We got kicked out of our hospital’s NICU (once you outgrow size 1 diapers you are forced to graduate) and landed in the pediatric ward.

I miss the coziness and attentive care of our little NICU, but one perk about the pediatric ward is…

They are a little less strict about sibling visits.

Guess who got to finally meet his little brother??

After 3 long months…Checking to make sure his brother has all ten toes.Β  This is important.This little guy has found his new best friend.


45 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. Oh my gosh, what adorable pictures! Precious! Praying always for full restoration of perfect health. Much love!!

  2. Ohhhhh! I cried buckets! I am so happy for your little boys! :) I have two boys (2y4m and 4m) and they are just the best of friends. And look at that smile on your baby’s face…he is smitten with his new brother, and vice versa :) <3

  3. Unbelievable!!! That melted my heart! Your family is so special & beautiful. Our prayers continue for Jet….

  4. How WONDERFUL for all of you, but especially the two brothers. I can’t tell which one is
    happier b/c they both are all smiles. First of many special moments to share in their
    lives. YEA!

  5. precious. the Lord has such amazing plans for your happy buddy…BECAUSE of happy baby and this hard, but beautiful journey your family is on.

  6. I can’t tell you how happy that made my heart — the look on his face when he sees his baby brother is priceless — and yes they WILL be best friends FOREVER. I know I don’t respond to every post on every blog I read but I just wanted to let you know that I say a silent prayer each time I get an email update from you. God Bless all of you. :o)

  7. Loved this sweet post! The Happy Buddy’s excitement is priceless! Praying for you all in the pediatric ward and for the Happy Baby to keep growing!

  8. Brings a smile to my heart and face, I am so happy for you. What a precious time. Of course, I could not write this without saying it brings back memories for me, of the first time Josiah met Jonathan, at the hospital he was ever so much as happy as Happy Buddy, then when he got home, his first reaction was one of “what is that baby doing in my house”. He got used to him real fast and was glad for a brother to have around and play with him. Still looking forward to meeting the Happy Baby in person. I get to kiss those cheeks off. :)

  9. Oh, Julie!!! What a sweet, sweet thing for all of you. These pictures warmed my heart so much and brought tears to my eyes. Jet looks fantastic- both of your boys are precious. We are praying so hard for him to DRINK THOSE BOTTLES!!! Love you all -Katie

  10. Oh!!!! Love love love!! Look at Happy Baby’s face! He’s like “THERE you are!!!”
    So happy they got to meet. Continued prayers for you all!

  11. Oh Mama, I can imagine the joy in your heart having all 3 of your handsome fellas in one room! :)

    The Happy Baby is sure growing and looking better and better with each picture you post. When the time comes for the big homecoming be sure to post here… we will make the Mother of all countdown calendars for that event!!!!

  12. That is sooooo adorable πŸ˜ƒ He looks so excited say hi to Noah for me and to are new little family member Jet😊

  13. Oh my gosh!!!! Precious little angels!!!! Still praying for you and your family and so happy to see his little smiles and how he is growing! Please let us know of there is anything ya’ll need!!!
    Jamee Good

  14. Oh, my heart is melting!!! Such precious pictures!! They will be the best of friends! You all are always in my heart & prayers….Jet looks so beautiful!! Love, Marla

  15. Julie, I can’t help but notice the adorable little roles on Jet’s thighs. Looks like prayers are being answered in Baby Jet gaining weight. I am so thankful and touched that you and your incredible Hubby continue to share this experience with all of us. We have all been blessed by the sparkle in each one of your eyes and hearts, even Noah’s. May God continue to be shown in this Glorious Healing of Jet. I am leaping for Joy. Love you, Jane

  16. Every time I see a new post from you in my feed reader I hold my breath that it’s news about Happy Baby coming home. This was the next best thing. The joy on both their faces is priceless. How sweet to have captured it on camera. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you.

  17. I don’t know how to express how precious this moment is. Priceless, as shelsy put it. God bless you and your family.

  18. It’s amazing how much they both already love each other! Definitely made me cry to see how THRILLED Noah was to finally meet his baby brother–and that delighted little grin of Jet’s is priceless. Praying, praying, praying that he will get to come home soon! Drink up, little guy!! Love you!

  19. Yippee!! Congratulations on graduating from the NICU!! Love the pictures – now THAT should make Jet wanna eat like crazy seeing his dino bro!!

  20. That was just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing such very special moments of your life with us. Praying for full health for the Happy Baby.

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  22. This is so heartwarming. Their smiles are so precious. Continued prayers that Happy Baby will come home soon to be with the whole Happy Family. Much love.

  23. Julie, thank you for the beautiful way that you share your heart with your readers. Every entry has brought tears to my eyes. So happy that Noah and Jethro got some bro time. I can tell they really enjoyed it. Continuing to pray for all of your family.

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