Ray O. Sunshine

We had a visit at the NICU yesterday from someone very special…

We had a visit from Ray.

Ray O. Sunshine.

From her head to her toes, Ray came to bring us some cheer and brightening!

This awesome basket of yellow things was a bit of sunshine she left behind for us to enjoy.

The Happy Baby and I LOVED having Ray come.

(And I think everyone else in the hospital was thoroughly entertained as well.) :-)

“You, O LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.” Psalm 18:28

12 thoughts on “Ray O. Sunshine

  1. Love it! What a great lady to bring you some joy in what can be such a difficult place! Praying for you and for Happy Baby to be home soon! We thought of you while on our March of Dimes March for Babies this past weekend! My preemie (who’s 20 months now) even walked some of it herself!

  2. That is awesome. I remember the NICU with my twin girls wasn’t a drab place but could have definately used a “Ray O’ Sunshine” to brighten it up. What a great idea!!

  3. I love your Ray O. Sunshine. She does know how to light up someones day, Iknow that you are in need of that these days.

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  5. Very fun visitor! But your last picture on this post has me sitting on my couch crying and praying for you. My precious baby sleeps here in the crib beside me, so healthy, and we take health so for granted. My throat is tight with tears for you and your sweet little man. I don’t know you personally but God is really giving me a feeling for your pain right now, and I’m praying, dear, I’m praying.

  6. Julie we are praying for you and that sweet baby. I am so glad you got that particular Ray, because she is the BEST!!! :)

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