The Happy Baby

A few weeks ago, a sweet friend threw the Happy Hubby and me a Couple’s Baby Shower in honor of the Happy Baby.

When my friend first asked if she could do this for us, I was quite embarrassed at the thought… I mean, we have a little boy already, and I religiously saved every last bit of his baby clothes… Even though things like diapers and Target giftcards would be lovely blessings, it felt selfish to ask our friends for more.

But then the Lord impressed something precious on my heart… A thought that immediately removed my Shower doubts.

Every baby – whether your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 12th – deserves to be celebrated.

He or she is God’s creation.

His personal handiwork.

A little person with a perfect design and plan made even before the world began.

That, my friends, is something to party about. :-)

So we celebrated the Happy Baby with a few friends and it was so sweet.

I wish I could share more pictures with you from the day, but I was a bit wrapped up in the fellowship and forgot all about my camera!How cute are those onesies and itty bitty socks?!

Even with a dresser-full of his big brother’s clothes, it’s nice that he will have a few things to call his own. :-)It was fun having the Happy Hubby by my side as we opened presents.

Even though the entire time he was fretting over what games we were going to play later.

He was terrified that he was going to have to eat ‘poop’ out of a diaper. :-)

There we are with the hostess and her Happy Hubby!  You might remember her from the She’s About to POP Shower I got to throw for her last summer. :-)

You can read about that HERE.

But the best part of the shower came at the end when the favors were passed out to all of the guests.

My friend called me a few weeks before the shower and asked if there was anything specific I was praying for the Happy Baby, or if I had a special Scripture verse for him.

When I was pregnant with the Happy Buddy, I asked the Lord for 2 things.

I prayed that he would love others and that he would have a sense of wonderment about life.

How I have treasured seeing the fruit of those prayers!

When he gets excited about window clings, or getting to see the lights turn on in the freezer section when we walk by with our grocery cart, or the absolute joy on his face over a few M&M’s, I know God has heard.

For the Happy Baby, I have felt led to pray about a few more things…

Four things, to be exact.

And they all happen to begin with the letter ‘H’!

My thoughtful friend took those 4 things and put one on each party favor, asking guests to pray for that thing along with us.

What a joy it is to know that our friends are asking God for the same things we are!

Would you pray, too?

The Happy Baby’s 4 H’s

1.  Health – An obvious request!  I’ve had a few complications with this pregnancy, so the enemy would see it fit for me to be discouraged and worried over the Happy Baby’s health.  But I am praying and trusting for a 10+ little monkey!

2.  Happiness – The name that we chose for the Happy Baby means “Abundantly Happy,” so I have been asking the Lord to give this child a happy heart.

3.  Hospitality – The definition for hospitality (according to a list of spiritual gift definitions) is “The special ability God gives to some to provide an open home and warm welcome to those in need of food, lodging, and fellowship. It involves a readiness to invite strangers to your home (or church) for the sake of the Gospel.”

I desire to see the Happy Baby be one that knows how to create a warm and welcoming environment so that people might know Jesus better.

4.  Humor – This last one is kind of silly, but one night as I was praying, it just came to me and I feel rather strongly about it!  I’ve always admired the Happy Hubby’s quick wit and ability to make me laugh so hard that the tears come.  I pray that the Happy Baby will have the same gift of making others laugh and helping them to find hope in difficult circumstances.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes with this motherhood business, if I didn’t have the Happy Hubby around to help me find something to laugh about, I’d be in the fetal position crying more often than not! :-)

So there it is, my friends!

With just 10 days ’til his arrival, I had to make a post celebrating the Happy Baby.

I don’t know what life with 2 will be like (if you have advice – I will happily accept it!), so if Happy Home Fairy gets a little quiet in the coming months as we get to know the Happy Baby, I do hope you’ll understand.

Although y’all are pretty hard to resist!  I’ve so enjoyed getting to know each of your Happy Homes (even if it’s just a number on my daily stats, I know you all are precious!).

Happy Happy Baby-ing! :-)

10 thoughts on “The Happy Baby

  1. So sweet! You look wonderful Julie!! Will be thinking of you all in the months to come. Sending our love from the other side of the world :)


  2. What wonderful prayers for your new one to come! i have 4 beautiful children and each one is a rare and precious gift from God. You are so right… they each should be celebrated as a miracle, because they are! Have fun with your new little one… soak up the time, as you know, it flies by!

  3. Bless your hearts! Beautiful family and friends! As a Christian grammy who babysits 4 days a week, I do so enjoy your site! Awaiting the blessed news!

  4. Praying for you and the upcoming delivery of your Healthy, Happy, Hospitable baby even as I write, Julie. Humor is a wonderful addition to the list, too! I never appreciated how important a wonderful sense of humor is until I married a man in possession of a quick wit and think how dull married life might have been without it. Fortunately, most of our children have taken after their father in that department, and our home has been blessed with much hearty laughter as a result :-)

  5. What great things to pray for! You will ( I am confident) will do as great a job with two as you have with one, mostly because you see God first in all things. That is where your strength and confidence will come from. No it isn’t easy to be a mommy and yes it is easier with a Happy Hubby. I don’t know what I would do with out mine. But with Jesus all things are possible. We are excited to meet the new Happy Baby.

  6. You are so sweet! Thank you for sharing your life and creative ideas! I enjoy reading your emails. I inspire to be as knowlegable and creative as you when sharing the Lord with my children. May God bless your family and your Happy Baby!

  7. Praying for you, Julie, as you embark on becoming even more “outnumbered”! Best way to be, I’d say!! Blessings on your and your boyS!

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