Fun New Year’s Eve Traditions

No need to be sad that Christmas is over.

New Years Eve is on its way!!!

Here are a few simple ideas that you can incorporate into your New Year’s Eve plans year after year…

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First things first.

Let’s consider how we can help others have a fabulous New Year’s.

Dandee Designs made this thoughtful New Year’s Party In a Box to give as a little surprise gift for neighbors and friends.

Two mini bottles of sparkling cider, a package of confetti and some noisemakers all wrapped up in a cute package is sure to bless someone in your Happy Home’s world.

She even has a FREE Printable tag for you to use – go HERE to get it!

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Speaking of FREE Printables…

Thirty Handmade Days has an AMAZING New Year’s Resolutions Printable for your Happy Buddies to fill out.

What a great way inspire your Happy Home’s toward goal setting and thinking positively about the year to come.

Plus, slip it into a binder and you can treasure them year after year!

(Get the updated 2013 version HERE.)

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Here is a similar printable from The Dating Divas for you to do on a New Year’s Eve date night with your Happy Hubby.

This thoughtful and sweet reflection on the year with your spouse reminds me of the Happy Hubby’s and my annual Anniversary Tradition!

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How about putting together a little Family Time Capsule like Kellicrowe?

All year long her family drops simple little tidbits from their every day life into a decorated jar (ticket stubs, notes, wishbones, etc.).

At the end of the year they can look back on all the goodies and celebrate a year full of fun!

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How fun is this DIY Balloon Drop from Been There, Pinned That?!

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Sit down on New Year’s Eve and make some Wish Boxes!

Read more about this idea HERE.

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 Hip Hip Hooray! has a great New Year’s Bingo Game Printable to help pass the time.

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Since you’re staying up so late, your Happy Buddies are going to need lots of sugar to keep them going. :-)

Here’s a delicious little activity to give your sleepy buddies a jump-start!

Edible Party Horns by Cooking with My Kid!

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These simple Midnight Snacks from No Fuss Fabulous will also be a sweet little treat for your Happy Home’s New Year’s celebration.

All you need is a CD sleeve, a cookie, and a FREE Printable tag found HERE.

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I posted about these Countdown Bags last year, but my bags look absolutely LAME-O compared to these AMAZING ones from The Idea Room.

The idea is to take some bags, fill them with an activity or treat or craft for each hour leading up to midnight.

Amy even provided a FREE Printable Clock Template for you to make your own bags (which you can get HERE).

I have a great list of magical things for your bags HERE, but maybe the ideas in this post will also help fill your bags!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

I love this idea for couples from Souls Never Wrinkle.

Write each other a letter on New Year’s Eve and place in a jar to be opened on the next New Year’s Eve!  What a fun surprise to look forward to each year.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, when all of the New Year’s Eve Fun is over and the morning dawns (a little too early!), start the New Year off right with these fun First-Meal Flapjacks from Spoonful.

Happy New Year’s Tradition-ing! :-)

4 thoughts on “Fun New Year’s Eve Traditions

  1. Thank you for the cute ideas! New Year’s Eve is my husband and my anniversary! I am planning to do several of these ideas to celebrate both the new year and our anniversary as a family.

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