4 Ways to Make Noise for the New Year!

I was a very active child (just ask my dad –  he will probably tell you that I am the reason for his grey hair) and I loved to make noise.  New Year’s Eve was a great time to be LOUD.

So, let your Happy  Buddies ring in the New Year (seriously, your ears will be ringing) with one of these great ideas…

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1.  Pots and Pans – Best memories I have of New Year’s Eve are the ones when my parents would not only let my brothers and I stay up until midnight, but also they would let us run around outside our house banging pots and pans.

I loved the freedom of being allowed to go bananas. :-)

Just pull some pots and pans from your cupboards, set your kids up with spatulas or wooden spoons, and as soon as the clock strikes 12, head outside and bang away.  Don’t forget to shout, “Happy New Year!” to all the people you wake up. :-)

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2.  Balloon POP – If you’re not afraid of the sound of popping balloons (the Happy Hubby is not a fan), then this is a great idea for your Happy Home.

How Does She? is blowing up balloons and labeling them with each hour leading up to the final moment.

As each hour strikes, the Happy Buddies can take down the corresponding balloon, pop it, and find an activity inside.

Go HERE to read all about this fantastic fun, including a great list of creative activities to include in your balloons. :-)

Or, use a funnel to pour confetti (make your own confetti by recycling all those paper holes from the hole-puncher) into a deflated balloon.  Blow the balloons up and have them floating around until the clock strikes 12 when the kids can try sitting on them to bust out some noise.

Instead of activities or confetti, you could also fill the balloons with money (wootwoot!), homemade coupons (good for 30 extra minutes before bed, etc.), or even an encouraging note from you. :-)

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3.  Homemade Noisemakers – Make your own noisemakers by pouring a handful of beans, rice, buttons, or beads, into an empty water bottle (or paper plate).  Glue the cap on so that when midnight hits there won’t be an unexpected shower of beans – or I guess that could also be a lot of fun. :-)  Have your Happy Buddies decorate their shakers with stickers or construction paper.

Click the image above for directions on how to make these adorable water bottle noisemakers from Kaboose.

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4.  Bubble Wrap Stomp – Grab some bubble wrap (make sure it’s the kind with the BIG bubbles) from your local packaging supply store for some real New Year’s noise.  Lay it out on your driveway or other indoor hard surface.

When the clock strikes 12, have everyone stomp on the bubble wrap.  You will not even believe how much fun is is to stomp on the Stomp Floor.

Happy New Year Noise-Making! :-)

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