From the North Pole

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Ho Ho Ho!

Now that we’re down to the final days before Christmas, I thought I’d share a few more Santa-related Happy Home traditions with you.

*If you didn’t read the post featuring my thoughts on Santa, you can find it HERE.*

These ideas are sure to add even more magic to your Christmas season!

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When our family moved from New Jersey to South Florida, I panicked around Christmas time because I couldn’t figure out how Santa was going to get into our house without a chimney!

This site has a GENIUS idea of providing Santa with his very own key to your Happy Home.

There’s even an adorable FREE printable poem to go along with the key.

This would make such a great last-minute gift idea…

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I was (still am) religious about remembering to set out a plate of cookies and glass of milk for Santa on Christmas Eve.

I even throw in a few carrots for the reindeer (nine, to be exact).

Don’t you think Santa would love to munch on this cute (and easy to make) cookie from Come Together Kids decorated to look just like him?

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Speaking of cookies for Santa…

Have your Happy Buddies write him a little note of thanks and leave it by the goodies.

When I was growing up, Santa always took time out of his busy schedule to write me back. :-)

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After eating the delicious things you set out for him, I’m sure Santa would get a kick out of seeing your Santa Family Handprint display.

How Does She? features this adorable craft that would be so fun to do all together!

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Last year, the Happy Buddies at Not So Idle Hands discovered some snowy Santa Footprints in their living room on Christmas morning!

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And, finally, this is my FAVORITE idea EVER.

Last year I was checking my email when a message popped up saying that it was from Santa.

I clicked the link (it looked reliable – I mean, it said it was from the North Pole), and up popped a short video of Santa talking to me.

I literally had tears in my eyes at the end because it was so magical.

Santa said my name several times in the video AND he knew the #1 thing on my Christmas Wish List (Almond Butter).Β  Plus, he informed me that I had been a good girl and had made the Nice List (phew!).

Come to find out that my sneaky and amazing Happy Hubby had set the whole thing up using an amazing website called Portable North Pole.

In just a few minutes, you can create a FREE personalized video from Santa Claus himself to send to your Happy Buddies, friends, family, or even your Happy Hubby.

It is seriously the coolest thing ever.

Take a minute right now (click HERE) and create a special video for your Happy Home or for someone who you think will just love it!

Because Santa Claus is coming to town in just 3 days!!

Merry North Pole Magic-ing!

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