How to Keep your Happy Buddies in Bed on Christmas Morning

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One thing I had absolutely ZERO self-control about was having to wait on Christmas morning until everyone in our Happy Home was ready before heading downstairs for presents!

I still struggle with this! :-)

I usually woke up at about 5, raced into my brothers’ room, jumped on their beds to get them going, and then we would all march into the master bedroom to wake up our parents.

One year my brother actually played Bugle Calls on his trumpet to wake them up.

They weren’t too thrilled about it – especially because they had probably just gone to bed a few hours before. :-)

But if they didn’t wake up with us, then they’d miss our faces when we saw the tree for the first time…

What do you do, though, if your Happy Buddies want to get the Christmas Party going before your head has even hit the pillow?

Here is a list of 5 fabulous ways to keep those Happy Buddies from starting Christmas Fun before you’re ready…

1.  Baby Jesus in the Hall – I mentioned this idea in an earlier post, but in case you missed it, some friends of mine use the Baby Jesus figure from their nativity set as a signal to their kids that it is time to start Christmas Fun.  The deal is that the kids have to stay in their rooms, occasionally peeking into the hall to see if the Baby Jesus has been placed there.  Once it has, they are free to run out and meet the semi-well-rested parents by the tree.

2.  Come and Worship! – I love this idea because worship and music are so dear to our family.  Why not tell your kids that they must stay in their rooms until they hear the sweet sounds of Christmas Music playing?  What a great way to announce the arrival of our King.  Can’t you just see your kids trooping down the halls to the declarations of, “Joy to the World!  The Lord is come!”

3.  The Christmas Bell – The hubby’s brother and his wife ring a small bell when it is time for their four girls to emerge from their rooms.  Another wonderful sound announcing Jesus’ birth.

4.  Early Christmas Stockings – Another mom I know sneaks into her Happy Buddies’ rooms after they have fallen asleep and she hangs their stockings from their bedposts.  This way, when they wake up, they are allowed to open up their stockings.  She always includes some small toys to keep them busy until a reasonable hour.

5.  Underwear Dash – I am not even kidding when I tell you this – My mom told me that when she was growing up, her dad would run around the house wearing only a Santa hat and his underwear, ringing jingle bells.  He’d race into each of the kids’ rooms and shout, “Hurry!  Hurry!  Look out the window!  Santa’s been here!  We have to try to see him!”  And all of the kids would look for Santa while he raced off in his underwear and jingling bells.  After the kids tried to see Santa, they would then come downstairs to see the magic Santa had left.

And then her dad put his pants on. :-)

I hope some of these ideas help you and your Happy Homes this Christmas.

But if you are anything like me, then you probably will be up at 5 am right along with them – eager to get on with the Christmas Fun.  Ha!

**So then just roll with it and have a tradition where you take a picture of your clock – featuring the exact time your Happy Buddies woke up.  Stick those pictures in an album every year and what a fun thing to look back through as they get older!**

Merry Christmas Morning Plan-ing! :-)

10 thoughts on “How to Keep your Happy Buddies in Bed on Christmas Morning

  1. I love all your blog articles, but this one (how to keep the little ones in bed) is wonderful! I read it to my husband and he kept saying, “Neat! Funny!”

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thank you for bringing me joy each and every day.


    • We used to have a small Christmas tree that we put in the girls’ room. “Santa” would leave a small gift for each of them, plus some muffins, fruit and juice boxes for them to eat while waiting for mom and dad to tell them it was time to come down. It kept the “hangries” (hunger+angry) away and gave them something new and fun to do while waiting. We got rid of the tree when we moved cross-country, but are looking to replace it next year (but will need 2 now that we have a boy too).

  2. These are great ideas!!

    When I was a kid… and up through being a teenager… my mom would use ribbon to put a big X over the top of the steps (think caution tape with a Christmas theme) and a large note saying something clever about waiting for Mom and Dad to wake up. Then we’d go get them out of bed.

  3. Thanks for the ideas! I was just telling someone I was concerned about Hagan getting out and seeing everything before we are up (Santa doesn’t wrap presents at our house). I will definitely try one (if not more) of your ideas…in addition to possibly sleeping on his floor ;). Merry Christmas! I hope we can get together soon!

  4. Julie,

    You are amazing! I have been loving your Christmas emails and now that I’m finally on Winter Break (parents’ gifts made and wrapped, Holiday Party over, report cards signed, sealed, and delivered), I can actually pay attention for than a 3 minute skim. Weren’t you a teacher? I’m sure you know remember those busy, crazy days during December. :)

    Anyway, I especially LOVE this post! My favorite is the Christmas music idea and the song you used for your example is perfect. BUT… my favorite idea of all was taking a picture of the clock for the time the kiddos wake up. I can see that being a fun addition to our scrapbook each year.

    Thanks for all your great ideas, your enthusiasm, and most of all, your love for the Lord. You are a weekly reminder during my busy life about what I need to be focused on. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for your great work Happy Home Fairy! I loved this post and laughed as I am still the first one up on Christmas Morning and my sleepy kids are never up before me! I am usually looking for unique ways to wake them up without them knowing it was me so they will get up and wake dad up for christmas. Dad will wake up for kids but has much less patience with his eager wife :) Christmas turns me into a kids again and I love it! Thanks for the fun ideas to create some more excitement.

  6. When the kids get up on Christmas morning it’s their job to come down and get the stockings. They bring them up to my bed and wake me up. We open stockings and take our time getting up that way. Also they’ve ‘peeked’ at the tree and spend the whole time trying to tell me what Santa brought. I claim to want to be surprised so they’re ready to burst by the time we get downstairs! It’s great fun turning the tables on them a little!

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  8. We use wrapping paper to “wrap” the hallway door entry so the kids can get up and go to the bathroom, but they can’t peek at the tree (which is right next to the bathroom). I thought it was clever! Turns out the kids LOVE running through the paper in the morning like a football team. =)

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