Magic Mint Seeds!

Some of you may remember our Magic Pumpkin Seed Adventure back in October.

Today we are going to go on a Magic Mint Seed Adventure to celebrate the Christmas season!

Magic Mint Seed Adventure

As told by the Happy Buddy…

First, you need to get some Magic Mint Seeds.  You can find them at most stores.

4-5 should do the trick.

(They look so good that you might want to put one in your mouth – even though they are still covered with plastic.)

Then get your shovel.

Put your Magic Mint Seeds in a Christmas-y bag and head outside.

Look for just the right spot to plant your Magic Mint Seeds.

Now that you have found the right spot – dig a hole.

Then drop those babies in!

There were five Magic Mint Seeds originally, but I ate one.

Next, cover the seeds with lots of dirt.

Don’t forget to get your watering can and water your Magic Mint Seeds so that they  can grow!

It’s good to turn your watering can upside down – getting your mom and yourself very wet.

You should also sprinkle some Christmas sugar sprinkles over your Mint Garden.

This will guarantee you some seriously magical results.

Then go to bed.  You might not sleep so well because you are so excited to see what will happen to your Magic Mint Seeds.

In the morning, hurry outside to check on things!


Your Magic Mint Seeds transformed into a Magic Candy Cane Garden!


I plucked a few out of the ground right away so that I could see if they were real.

Yup!  They’re real. :-)


If you happen to have a Magic Christmas Elf making mischief in your Happy Home this Christmas season, then he just might want to get in on the Magic Mint Seed Adventure too!

Merry Magic Mint Seed Plant-ing! :-)

*Click HERE for a cute printable Magic Mint Seed Poem and FREE Printable Tag!

8 thoughts on “Magic Mint Seeds!

  1. FUNNNNNN!!!!! I cant WAIT to try that!! :D but i think instead of mints im gonna plant my iPod and hope and iPhone appears!!! Good idea huh?? ;)

  2. We did this with the grand kids and they loved it!! We “grew” those big stick candy canes and added to the card that like the “seeds” these were “majic” and would be good for only one day. When they went to bed we hide the majic sticks at the bottom of the trash :) no child needs to eat that much candy.

  3. This is soooooo cute! I’m going to try it with my daughter tonight when I get home from work! I just love your blog! Keep up the good work! You are such an inspiration for a happy home!

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