Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

Well, the Happy Hubby and I were looking at our bank account and then looking at the calendar (which clearly told us it was Christmas time) and we realized that unless Saint Nicholas drops a bag of gold through our window, we are going to have to be very frugally-minded this year with gifts. :-)

Is anyone else in the same boat??

But, thanks to the many creative bloggers out there, it can be done – without sacrificing cute factor or use factor!

Here are some of my favorites (with links to even MORE great ideas)…

Click Image for Instructions

How Does She? hosted an amazing series last year featuring 30 inexpensive Christmas gifts for neighbors.

You can find all of the other amazing ideas HERE.

I loved this Refrigerated Cookie Dough gift with a tag that reads, “Thought you could use a little extra dough this Christmas.”

Click Image for Instructions

My other favorite idea How Does She? featured was a Paper Plate gift.

December seems to be the craziest month, why not make things easier on another Happy Home by presenting them with a package of paper plates to cut back on dishes during the Christmas season?? :-)

Click Image for Instructions

The Dating Divas shared this Twizzler gift idea with a tag reading, “Twizz the season to be jolly!”

I so enjoy a good pun!

Click Image for Instructions

How about a whisk filled with Hershey’s Kisses and a tag that reads, “We WHISK you a Merry KISSmas!”

You can find that brilliance HERE, plus 14 other frugal ideas!

Click Image for Instructions

This idea from One of a Kind Gifts makes me laugh out loud!

Give a box of Ding Dongs to the Happy Home next door to yours.  Attach a note that reads, “Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas from the Ding Dongs next door!”

Click Image for Instructions

Okay.  I think I can stop blogging now because the creativity has reached its maximum of amazing-ness with this Hand Santa-tizer from Paper Jewels.

Click Image for Instructions

A plate of brownies or box of brownie mix with a note that reads, “We’re going for brownie points this season!” is a super cute way to brighten your neighbors’ day.

Beneath My Dreaming Tree has this great idea!

Click Image for Instructions

This inexpensive gift from HERE is like the one I shared at Thanksgiving.

So cute!!

Click Image for Instructions

This is probably my favorite idea yet!

A jar of salsa with an adorable tag that reads, “Merry Christmas From Your Nacho Ordinary Neighbors!” :-)

Check out Pebbles in My Pocket for even more inexpensive gift ideas – you will loooove them.

You can also find 103 Quick and Easy Christmas Gift Ideas HERE.

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Merry Inexpensive Christmas Gift-ing! :-)

13 thoughts on “Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

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  2. I love the wisk you a Merry Kissmas. We have a big Christmas Eve party and I mad one per family. I tied them with curly ribbon and a candy cane. I put them in large vase. They look so pretty. It will make a nice center piece on the dessert table. I can’t wait to give them out, but then our party will be over :(. I really enjoyed you at the ornament exchange a few weeks ago. Merry Christmas.

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