Christmas Cookies

When the Happy Hubby and I shared our first Christmas together, he informed me that his family had a tradition of baking the most delicious Christmas sugar cookies from scratch.

I’m not going to lie.Β  My knees started shaking at the thought of trying to duplicate his Grandmommy’s famous recipe.

I wish I could tell you that I valiantly stepped up to the plate and the tradition of homemade Christmas sugar cookies will reign on in our Happy Home.

But, alas.These babies are how I roll.

I do try to even things out a bit by making the icing from scratch.

So, I guess the tradition half lives on. :-)

What’s important is the memories – not the recipe, right?? :-)

Yesterday afternoon we broke out our Nativity cookie cutters and got to work.

*Warning – Our camera is from 1950, and the lighting was pretty bad, AND I can’t ever get a good shot of the Happy Buddy that isn’t blurry from his constant movement – I hope you are able to see the Christmas magic happening and not the mediocre photography.*Rolling, rolling rolling…

I may or may not have added some flour to his face just because I knew y’all would think it was cute.

There’s my I-slaved-all-day-in-the-kitchen sugar cookie dough. :-)

Can you find the Baby Jesus cookie cutter?

That one was our favorite.

Except it made super tiny cookies that baked a lot quicker than the rest, thus resulting in some charred Baby Jesus.

We felt pretty bad about that!Yum.This was when we told the Happy Buddy that icing was involved. :-)This Baby Jesus turned out beautifully.

We iced him in blue swaddling cloths.After about his fifth cookie, the Happy Hubby and I lost count of just how many the Happy Buddy had.And then we had to add sprinkles (Valentine’s Day ones, because that’s also how we roll), so that meant we had to eat a few more.It was a great evening with my two boys.

And then when we started playing Michael Buble’s new Christmas album, my third boy in my tummy woke up and joined the fun with a jig.


If you are braver than I and would like to try the Happy Hubby’s family’s Christmas Cookies, simply click the image below to print the recipe.

Click Image for Printable Recipe

Merry Christmas Cookie-ing!

5 thoughts on “Christmas Cookies

  1. I love this post. So cute. And I totally understand about the valentine sprinkles. I always buy them after the season to cut cost and then use them for the next season even if it isn’t correct.

  2. SOOOO ADORABLE!! Thanks Julie!! I think your pictures are absolutely PERFECT. ;-) where oh where did you get the precious nativity cookie cutters? LOVE those!!! LOVE YOU!!! xoxo

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