Best Decorated House Award – FREE Printable!

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Every year I can hardly wait to bundle up with my boys and go for a walk around our neighborhood to see all of the Christmas lights.

Once we have made our rounds, we discuss which house we thought was the best decorated.

Then we knock on their door and award them with a plate of Christmas treats and a special Best Decorated House Certificate!

One year we had the neatest experience when we delivered our award.ย  You can read about it HERE.

I hope you will enjoy this Christmas tradition with your Happy Home this year!

Make a plan to all go together one night.

Maybe everyone can wear Santa hats or reindeer antlers. :-)

Then vote your favorite house and do the honors!!!

Here is a FREE Printable Best Decorated House Certificate (click the link at the bottom of this post) for you to use.Click HERE for your FREE Printable Best Decorated House Certificate!

Merry Best Decorated House Award-ing! :-)

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