Oh, Christmas Tree

I just love putting up our Christmas tree.

If you want to see some neat pictures of our Happy Home’s tree, go HERE.

The Happy Buddy even has his own tree in his room!  You can see it HERE.

There is something so magical about that moment when the tree’s lights are turned on.

The Happy Buddy just stares with wide eyes and murmurs, “Ohhh…”

Your Happy Home can celebrate the Christmas tree (beyond the living room!) all month long with these fabulous Christmas Tree Crafts and Ideas!

Click Image for Instructions

It’s always good to start things off with a little sugar!

The Frugal Girls made these delicious Christmas Trees out of sugar cones, icing, and mini M&M’s.

Your Happy Buddy is going to be singing like the angels when you set him up with this activity!

Click Image for Instructions

Does anyone else have 1,000 popsicle sticks lying around your Happy Home?

Put them to work with this simple Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree ornament from Happy Hooligans!

Click Image for Instructions

Little Page Turners set her Happy Buddies up with some strips of scrapbook paper and gluesticks and they made these adorable Christmas Tree Cards.

Click Image for Instructions

I can already see the Happy Buddy having a blast with this one!

Play Create Explore gave her Happy Buddy a Christmas tree shape cut from green paper.  They added some glue and used a bowl filled with random small craft supplies as the decorations!

Click Image for Instructions

I am kind of swooning over how absolutely precious these simple Paper Christmas Trees are from Parents.

Click Image for Instructions

Kids Matter used this Christmas Tree as a math activity in her Happy Home!

Every time the dice was rolled, they could add that number of pom-poms to the tree.

Click Image for Printable

Head on over to Little Giraffes for a FREE Printable Roll-A-Christmas Tree game to play after dinner one evening this month.

Instead of an ant-attracting Gumdrop Tree, why not try using pom-poms instead?

I found this tree via Pinterest!

Click Image for Instructions

Surprise your Happy Buddies (and Happy Hubby :-)) one morning with some French Toast Christmas Trees from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.

Click Image for Instructions

I am not even kidding when I tell you that one Christmas when I was in elementary school, my Mom-Mom and all of my aunts and uncles put together Money Trees like this one for all of the grandkids.


Then She Made shows you how to make one, too – a great gift for teens!

Click Image for Instructions

And, finally, this Christmas Tree Dress-Up Game from Family Fun will have your Happy Home giggling for hours.

With just a few supplies, convince Dad to be the victim and decorate him to look like a Christmas tree.

Then make sure to post it all over Facebook. :-)

Happy Christmas Tree Craft-ing!

3 thoughts on “Oh, Christmas Tree

  1. Julie, I made the french toast trees this morning, and let the kids “decorate” their trees themselves. The LOVED IT! Coleman pointed out that we needed a starfruit for the star at the top, which I think is brilliant. Next time…. :) Thanks for the ideas!

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