Baby Jesus Crafts and Ideas

“For unto us a child is born…” Isaiah 9:6

Yesterday we were driving down the street and the Happy Buddy was in the backseat reading this book…

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On the last page of the book there is a sweet little picture of Baby Jesus.

When the Happy Buddy turned to that page he pointed to the image and shouted, “MOMMY!ย  It’s Baby Jesus!”

Then he added, “Aww… He’s so cute.”


Celebrating Jesus’ birth is the best part about Christmas.

Maybe one of these ‘cute’ little Baby Jesus crafts and ideas will bless your Happy Home this month.

Click Image for Instructions

The Crafty Mama Blog made this adorable Baby Jesus Craft with her young Happy Buddy.

They turned it into a Christmas card for the grandparents!

Click Image for Instructions

Crafts for All Seasons featured this sweet (and super simple!) Baby Jesus Star Ornament for your Happy Home Tree.

Click Image for Instructions

I think this Baby Jesus Craft will make the perfect activity for the Happy Buddy’s preschool class Christmas party!

A wooden spoon wrapped in gauze (Baby Jesus) and placed in a ‘manger’ (a Ziplock baggie stuffed with crinkly brown filler).

I especially like the Bible verse from Luke that was included in the bag.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

*UPDATE – We did this craft and blogged about it for Christmas 2012! ย You can read about it HERE as well as pick up a FREE Printable card with the verse from Luke on it!*

Click Image for Instructions

One of the preschool teachers at the Happy Buddy’s school had her class make a bunch of these ‘J’ is for Jesus Candy Canes!

Your Happy Buddies will love painting the ‘J’ with red stripes.

This site has all the instructions for the craft and this post has a sweet printable tag to use with the craft.

Click Image for Instructions

Riley and James has a funny tradition that involves making a Peanut Baby Jesus each year.

*Note – Avoid this craft if you know someone with a peanut allergy!*

Click Image for Instructions

An empty shoe box is transformed into this Baby Jesus’ manger!

Grace Covers Me said that her Happy Buddy carried his Baby Jesus Shoe Box around with him all day.

Click Image for Instructions

Little Nummies made a Baby Jesus Snack for her Happy Buddy by wrapping a small hot dog in a crescent roll and placing it in a graham cracker manger with some cheese hay.


Click Image for Photo Credit

Then there’s this fun Baby Jesus Snack from Hubbard’s Cupboard.

A slice of peanut butter bread as the base, some pretzel sticks to make a stable, a graham cracker manger, and a marshmallow Baby Jesus!

Click Image for Instructions

And, finally, I found the most precious Christmas Tradition over at Tennessee Farm Girl.

Her Happy Home celebrates Jesus’ birth all December long with The Tradition of the Straws.

You MUST go read about this tradition – it will help your Happy Buddies remember that Christmas is more about the giving, than the getting.

Happy Baby Jesus Craft-ing! :-)

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