The Headless Daddy and Scarecrows

When I was growing up, my family made a ‘Headless Daddy’ every year for Halloween.

It sounds more gruesome than it actually was, but it was a really fun tradition.

We would take some of my dad’s old clothes (jeans, boots, an old flannel shirt), stuff them with newspaper and put it all together in a chair on our front porch.

One year, my tech-savvy brother hid a speaker under the chair, routed a microphone wire through our mailbox and then we were able to surprise Trick-or-Treaters by having the Headless Daddy ‘greet’ them.

We loved getting to see their reactions when the figure on the porch came to life!

Click Image for Instructions

I’m sharing this with you because when I saw these fun Pumpkin Head People at Woman’s Day, it reminded me of our Headless Daddy Tradition (minus the pumpkin heads – haha!).

Then I was inspired to round-up some similar, Scarecrow-ish ideas for your Happy Home.

Hope you find something here to celebrate the season!

Click Image for Instructions

This little Pumpkin Pal from Good Housekeeping is a way cuter porch decoration than our Headless Daddy.

And he’s reeeeeaallly simple to make!

Click Image for Instructions

Katherine Marie Photography did an entire post of the most adorable Scarecrow Crafts you will ever see.  Ever.

Plus, it helps that she is amazing at taking pictures, so even if you don’t want to make any of the crafts, you will have fun just looking at her unbelievably creative work!

Click Image for Instructions

I love this simple Scarecrow Shape Guy from No Time for Flashcards.

Triangles, circles, rectangles, etc. – what a fun way to help your Happy Buddy learn!

Click Image for Instructions

How awesome are these Scarecrow Cookie Pops from Skip to My Lou?

With only a few handy decorations added to a basic sugar cookie, you’ve got yourself a Best Seller at any Fall Bake Sale!

Click Image for Instructions

I am not even kidding when I tell you that I made 50 of these Scarecrow Candy Necklaces from Family Fun for all of the gals who were in my Elementary Education major at Florida State so many years ago!

I remember my roommates thinking me an odd bird for having raffia, a billion types of candy, and a hot glue gun spread all over our apartment.

But  I think they liked it better when I left one hanging from each of their doorknobs when I was finally finished! :-)

Click Image for Instructions

Would you believe that this cuteness was made from just eggs, a pancake, some cereal, and fruit?

I adore the creativity and precious heart behind these Scarecrow PancakesKitchen Fun with My 3 Sons– check it out!

Click Image for Instructions

And, finally, **snack mixes** are one of my greatest weaknesses in life – that and glitter.

**You can see my FAVORITIST snack mix in the whole world HERE.**

Just Make Stuff found the above Scarecrow Snack Mix in one of her favorite mags and shared it on her site.

My tummy is grateful (and the baby in it!) – but my hips are not! :-)

Happy Scarecrow-ing! :-)

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