Magic Pumpkin Seeds

This weekend, why not stir up some Fall Fun in your Happy Home with a special gardening project!


1.  Tell your Happy Buddies that they are going to plant some Magic Pumpkin Seeds (you can use real pumpkin seeds or candy corn).

2.  Head outside and find a good place for your Magic Pumpkin Seed Garden.3.  Plant the Magic Pumpkin Seeds.4.  Water the Magic Pumpkin Seeds.

5.  Go to bed.6.  In the morning (make sure you wake up really early), go outside and check on your Magic Pumpkin Seeds.

You may need to take a flashlight with you because it is so early that the sun has not come up yet.

  7.  Oh my goodness!!!  A Magical Pumpkin Patch!!!!!!!!!!!!8.  Play with your Magic Pumpkins!

Magic Pumpkins are great for stacking, counting, using as a barricade when playing with trucks and cars, playing Hide and Go Seek with them, decorating them with stickers, or check out THIS POST for more mini pumpkin fun.

Happy Magic Pumpkin Seed-ing! :-)

11 thoughts on “Magic Pumpkin Seeds

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