Forgotten Presents

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“Look what I found!” my dad cried as he emerged from the closet he shared with my mom.

He was holding a Christmas present.

But Christmas had been two weeks ago.

I jumped up from the table and dashed to receive this “forgotten” gift.  Somehow that “forgotten” gift brought a flood of Christmas spirit and wonder back to my little girl heart that had since been mourning Christmas’ passing.

Do you know this feeling, Happy Home Friends?  Have you ever received a Christmas gift after Christmas?  Isn’t it a wonderful experience?  A little taste of the magic that you thought had been packed up and put away with the rest of the ornaments and decorations in the garage waiting to be used next year?

I am not even kidding when I shared the scenario earlier.  My dad ALWAYS found “forgotten” gifts throughout the weeks after Christmas.  And my brothers and I savored every one!  Sometimes I think those “forgotten” gifts were better than the ones we got on Christmas morning!

You can recreate this kind of magic with your Happy Buddies, too!  Simply lay a few presents aside and one day in January, step out with them all wrapped up and with a Ho Ho Ho say, “Look what I found!”

Or, I know a Happy Home that actually finds a sack full of “forgotten” presents from Santa outside in the snow later in the day on Christmas, after all the other presents have been opened, assembled, and played with.  Can you imagine the elation in your child’s eyes when they find out there are a few more treats to be treasured?

Whatever you decide, I think it would be so magical to bless your Happy Homes with a few “forgotten” gifts.  Hold on to that Christmas magic as long as you can! :-)

“Treat every day like Christmas.”  -Elf the Movie

Happy “Forgotten” Gift-ing! :-)

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