The 10 Days of Happy Hubby Christmas Lovin’

As I mentioned before, Christmas can sometimes be a nutty time of year!  And the nutty-ness usually revolves around the kids and church activities and family/friend events.

But what about the Happy Hubby?

Sometimes the nutty-ness can influence our marriages – and not always for the better.  One thing I know is that when I get nutty, I get tired, and when I am tired, I am less careful with my words and actions!  Right???  Is anyone else with me??

So, I would like to challenge all my Happy Home Friends to a special 10-Day Advent Adventure of Happy Hubby Christmas Lovin’!

(It was originally supposed to be 12 Days, but I couldn’t get my act together in time.  Haha! :-))

I promise it will be super easy and if you are faithful to do the activities – your marriage will be a happy one instead of a stressed one this Christmas!

And one more thing… I recognize that no two Happy Hubbies are the same.  Each Happy Hubby has his own Love Language – a primary way of “expressing and interpreting love”,  so, I tried to incorporate each of the five Love Languages at some point throughout the 10 Days of Happy Hubby Christmas Lovin’ – an attempt to make sure that all of our men can get their Love Tanks filled up this holiday season!

Just print out this post and hang it somewhere as a reminder to complete each task!  Go through the list and take care of getting any items you may need to pick up in advance.


  • Day 1 (Dec. 15th) – Spend 5 minutes (usually about all the time I have these days! :-)) praying for your Happy Hubby.  Ask the Lord to remind you of all the many reasons you married your incredible man!  Jot down a few that come to mind and remember to thank your Happy Hubby later for still being all those things to you.
  • Day 2 (Dec. 16th) – Find something fun to put in your Happy Hubby’s stocking this year.  You could write him a note (look in the Christmas section of printables on this site), print out a coupon for a free massage, slip in his favorite candy, make him a mix CD of some favorite tunes, a giftcard to his favorite store, or a new book he’s been wanting.

Every year my mom goes on a hunt to find my dad’s favorite candy to put in his stocking.  It’s one of his most-looked-forward-to traditions!

  • Day 3 (Dec. 17th) – 8 Days until Christmas!  Starting today, give him one of these CARDS* for each day leading up to Christmas.  Hide them around the house for him to find – or sneak them into his laptop case, his lunchpail, his visor, etc.

*Click here for your FREE Printable Christmas Love Notes for the Happy Hubby!

  • Day 4 (Dec. 18th) – Put the kids to bed early, slip in a Christmas-y movie, make some hot chocolate, and snuggle under some blankets while watching and sipping!
  • Day 5 (Dec. 19th) – Plan to make (or pick up from his favorite restaurant) your Happy Hubby’s favorite meal for dinner.  Set the table nice – maybe with a candle or tablecloth.  And if your kids ask, tell them that you wanted to plan a special meal just for Daddy.  Why?  Because you love him. :-)
  • Day 6 (Dec. 20th) – Ask your Happy Hubby if he would like to plan a Guy’s Night.  Tell him he is free to go out one night of choice and have fun with his buddies – without any complaining from you!  Offer to bake, host, wipe down the X-Box controllers (haha!), or do something nice to bless his outing.  If he doesn’t want to go out with the boys, tell him he’s free to have a night of computer or video games with your full permission.  Our men need friend time and brainless activity every once in awhile!
  • Day 7 (Dec. 21st) – Consider the Christmas gift you are getting for your Happy Hubby.  Put some thought and prayer into your gift for him this year.  A new oxford is nice, but something that expresses your support in your Happy Hubby’s interests and hobbies is way more meaningful. 

I like to get the Happy Hubby a gift that is fun (ie. a new video game or TV DVD series he enjoys) or something that I know will bless his music ministry (a new, personalized leather guitar strap, or a new harmonica).

For more great Christmas gift ideas and an inspirational word on marriage, check out this article by Jill Savage called Gifts that Touch the Heart.

And while you are at it, check out this AWESOME post about expectations on his gift for you!

This was a SUPER helpful reminder for me this Christmas season!

  • Day 9 (Dec. 23rd) – Stop by the Dollar Tree and pick up a set of Christmas-themed puzzles, 50 pieces each.  After the kids are in bed, sit by your tree and race each other to see who can put their puzzle together the fastest.  

The Happy Hubby and I LOVE doing this!  You can read about our Puzzling Date HERE.

  • Day 10 (Dec. 24th) – It’s Christmas Eve!  Print out some mistletoe HERE and hang it above your bed for him to find when you crawl under the sheets together.  Maybe it will lead to something more!  Wink wink – A Merry Christmas, indeed!

I hope that you will go on this adventure with me!  Let’s make our Hubbies Happy this Christmas!

The Happy Hubby and me at our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party a few years ago!!

Happy 10 Days of Happy Hubby Christmas Lovin’-ing! :-)

6 thoughts on “The 10 Days of Happy Hubby Christmas Lovin’

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  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! may have to play catch up just a bit this weekend but TOTALLY going to do this for my happy hubby–he will LOVE it!! and will be SO appreciated during this crazy time which IS TOTALLY all about my girls right now. ;-)
    Thank you SO SO SOOO MUCH sweet Julie for helping me be a better wife!!! xoxo

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