Magic Mint Seed FREE Printable Tag with Poem

Yesterday I posted about the Happy Buddy’s Magic Mint Seed Adventure.

Today I wanted to share a special tag I created that features a fun poem to go along with your Magic Mint Seeds.

You could totally print this tag out, attach it to a bag full of Magic Mint Seeds (like in the picture), and give it to a mom you know!Β  Don’t forget to include some candy canes – on the sly – so that she doesn’t have to make a trip out to get some.

Her Happy Buddies will LOVE it!

Or, just print the tag and read the poem with your Happy Buddies whenever you go on your own Magic Mint Seed Adventure. :-)

I hope you enjoy!Β  I’d love to hear about it if you get a minute!

Happy Magic Mint Seed Poem Read-ing! :-)

6 thoughts on “Magic Mint Seed FREE Printable Tag with Poem

  1. Dear Happy Home Fairy,

    I did this for my neighbor’s 6 year old yesterday. We planted the seeds together in her front yard: I crept out after her bedtime in the dark and “planted” the crop! She knocked on my door today, 6 candy canes in hand and yelling “They growed!”

    So much fun. Thanks for a great idea.

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