Amazing Things You Can Do with Christmas Window Clings

That’s me with one of my favorite items this Christmas!


When I hold a set of Window Clings, my heart beats fast with excitement at all the possibilities for fun!

First of all – they are only A DOLLAR! (You can find window clings at Walmart or the Dollar Tree)

Second of all – they make everything so cheerful!

A few years ago around Christmas-time, the Happy Hubby and I went for a walk.  We live near a Walgreens and so we often walk there to look at magazines and browse the aisles.  As we approached the building, I noticed someone working at the Pharmacy drive-thru window.

I immediately thought, “That person needs some Christmas magic!”

It just so happened that I was carrying a set of Christmas-themed window clings with me.

So I waited until the coast was clear (there were no cars at the window, and the Pharmacy worker had stepped away) and then I dashed up and stuck Christmas window clings all over the window.

Then I ran away!

Meanwhile, the Happy Hubby had slinked away – trying desperately not to be associated with the crazy lady sticking window clings on drive-thru Pharmacy windows. :-)

But, I can only imagine what that Pharmacy worker must have thought when she returned to a window-full-of-Christmas-magic!  I’ll bet it totally brightened her day!!!!

There are so many other wonderful ideas with Window Clings…

  • Take a set to a friend’s house (don’t let them see), ask to be excused to the restroom, and while you’re in there, decorate their bathroom mirror with Christmas window clings!  What a surprise!
  • Get all your kids to use them to decorate a neighbor’s car!  Or your own!
  • Stick them on your dishwasher or fridge or sliding glass doors for an extra Christmas decorative touch in your home!
  • Stick one to that tube at the bank drive thru that takes your deposits to the teller!
  • Put some up in your child’s classroom or your church’s bathroom!

What ideas do YOU have for making magic with window clings??

I hope you will get some Christmas Window Clings for your Happy Homes this year!  Go on an adventure to bless someone else with them!  Don’t forget to wear your Santa hats while you’re at it!

Happy Window Cling-ing! :-)


9 thoughts on “Amazing Things You Can Do with Christmas Window Clings

  1. You are an endless container of wonderful ideas. Keep it up, girl! I don’t think I’ve ever even TOUCHED a window cling. But I’m gonna go for it. I’ll try to take a pic if I think of a creative place to cling it!

  2. P.S. I still think those pharmacy workers remember that night and talk about it as one of their strangest days on the job. “I was filling a prescription and then went to the window when SUDDENLY– a Christmas border-line-vandalism-miracle– the window had been mysteriously ornamented in clings!”

  3. You are so hilariously cute. I wish I could have seen that pharmacy worker’s face.

    BTW, Thank YOU so much for the advent cards! I am taking them to Kinkos to be color printed because they’re so pretty! They were JUST what we needed to complete our advent calendar tradition! (We only have two though.)

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  7. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve visited this website before but after browsing through some of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m certainly pleased I found it and I’ll be bookmarking it
    and checking back often!

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