Christmas Craft – Another Advent Calendar

Yes, I know.  I love Advent Calendars.  And this idea I saw in Family Circle Magazine was too good to pass up!

You will need –

What to do –

1.  Cut out the numbers from Family Circle.

2.  Stick inside the lid of the favor tin.

3.  Glue a magnet to the back of the tin.  *I used hot glue, but some of my magnets are falling off.  I think Elmers should work just fine!

4.  Fill tins with a small treat (Tootsie Roll, Lifesaver, piece of gum, Starburst, jellybeans, etc.) or a Bible verse (print my FREE Verse-a-day Christmas Story cards HERE!).

5.  Hang all of your tins in the shape of a tree and put on your fridge!

Isn’t that AMAZNG?!?!  And so simple!

*Note – You may want to put your Advent Calendar higher up on your fridge than I did.  The Happy Buddy discovered my creation after he woke up from a nap and pretty much took it all a part. :-)  Oh well!  Life with a Toddler!  I enjoyed making it and sharing it with you!

Happy Advent Calendar Make-ing! :-)

The Fairy would love to hear from YOU! :-) Seriously, it's my favorite. Leave a comment!

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