Christmas Craft – Advent Wreaths

Can anyone else believe that today is the first Sunday of the Advent season??  One thing that always ushered my little-girl-heart into the Christmas season was when our church put up the Advent Wreath and a different family lit the candles during the Sundays leading up to Christmas.

It was a wonderful tradition!

If your church doesn’t have an Advent Wreath, or if you just like the idea of having one in your own Happy Home to do as a family, then come along with me and learn how to explain this meaningful symbol of the Christmas season to your Happy Buddies!

First, you need to make an Advent Wreath!

Here are three simple ideas you could use…

1.  I found the wreath above over at Mrs. Drake’s classroom!  She used a piece of green felt cut in the shape of a circle.  Then she cut strips of purple and pink paper and wrapped them around battery operated tea lights.  You will probably want to add one more light in the center of your wreath – wrap it with white paper (I’ll explain why later).

2.  This second Advent Wreath idea is a printable from First-School Preschool Activities and Crafts.  Simply cut out the wreath and candles and add a flame for each Sunday in Advent!  You can find the printable and instructions HERE!

3.  Another great idea from this site is to take green construction paper and cut out several of your child’s handprints.  Glue the handprints to the rim of a paper plate with the center cut out.  The candles are made by rolling pieces of colored construction paper and adding yellow flames each week.

Or you could always use real candles and a real wreath.  I just have to find the ideas that aren’t fire hazards in the presence of toddlers! :-)

Now that you’ve decided on a craft, here are some helpful tips on explaining the meaning of each candle to your Happy Buddies…

  • Advent means “coming.”  Don’t you love knowing that?  We talk about Advent wreaths and Advent calendars because we are celebrating the “coming” of Jesus all season long!
  • Advent wreaths have four candles, each symbolizing an important aspect of Christ’s birth.  There is also a fifth candle that goes right in the middle of the wreath that celebrates His birth.
  • Candles are lit each Sunday of Advent, beginning with the first Sunday after Thanksgiving and then each consecutive Sunday leading up to Christmas Eve when the fifth and final candle is lit.
  • To help make the meaning of the Advent wreath more clear to your Happy Buddies, share the following verses from the Bible as you light the candles!  The Old Testament verses are prophesies that share promises about Jesus’ coming.  The New Testament verses tell about the fulfillment of those promises!  Be amazed!

I love the idea of gathering your kids around your dining room table to light each candle every Sunday evening.  Dim the lights low.  Read Scripture and then hold hands and pray a prayer of thanks for Jesus’ miraculous birth!  End the night by singing a carol together!

First Sunday – The Prophesy Candle (Candle of Hope – the hope and expectation of the coming Jesus!).  Read Isaiah 7:14; 9:6-7; and Luke 1:30-35.

Second Sunday – The Bethlehem Candle (Candle of Love – the place where Love was born!).  Read Micah 5:2; and Luke 2:1-7.

Third Sunday – The Angel’s Candle (Candle of Peace – the angels brought a message of peace!).  Read Isaiah 52:7; Luke 2:8-14; 4:18-19.

Fourth Sunday – The Shepherd’s Candle (Candle of Joy – the Shepherds were filled with joy about the Good News!).  Read Ezekiel 34:23; Luke 2:15-20; John 10:11.

Christmas Eve – Christ’s Candle.  Read Isaiah 9:2; Luke 2:30-32.

*Note – The above Scriptures and Candle Meanings may vary among churches.  I used a great book called Simply SenseSational Christmas by Terry Willits to find the information provided here. :-)

Check out The Happy Home Fairy tomorrow for some of my favorite simple and fun Advent Calendar Ideas!

Happy Advent Wreath-ing! :-)

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