After School Snacks – For the Health Nut

Last week brought a delicious After School Snack Round-Up that didn’t exactly say “Brain Food.”

(You can see all that yumminess HERE.)

So here is a follow-up post featuring some snacks that do your little students’ body some good. :-)

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How cute are these little Fruit Bug Snacks from Snack Picks?

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Little Page Turners made this adorable Banana Caterpillar.

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Carrot and Celery Sticks standing tall in a cup filled with dip – yummy and mess-free fun from HERE.

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Fuel up with these healthy Apple and Grape Car Snacks from Bent On Better Lunches.

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Almost Unschoolers flutters by with these fun Orange Slice Butterflies.

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Your Happy Buddies will slither up to the table to eat some Cucumber Snakes from The Family Kitchen.

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If I could eat grapes forever – I would – so this Peacock Snack from Canadian Family really rings my bell.

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Your Happy Buddies will giggle at these Veggie and Cheese Faces found HERE.

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Y’all KNOW how I feel about crunchy things.  Find a great collection of Healthy Snack Mix Ideas for Kids at Cooking Light.

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And finally, this personal-sized Veggie Rainbow found HERE makes me so happy!

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*Hey, with all the Veggies and Fruits your Happy Buddies will be eating with these great After School Snack Ideas, they will love filling in their very own Fruit and Veggie Tracker Chart.  Print one out FREE at Super Healthy Kids!*

Happy After School Healthy Snack-ing! :-)

After School Snacks – Junk Edition

When I was a little girl, my favorite thing to eat was bread.

Holy cow I could not get enough of the stuff.

The town I grew up in had a little Bread Shoppe that I’d frequent on my walk home from school.

I think I paid 50 cents each for the bakery’s special Cracked Wheat Rolls… Mmmm… Toasted with some grape jam…

Those rolls were the perfect after school snack.

But now…  Now if I had my choice of after school snacks, I’d ditch the bread and dig into one of these delicious options instead…

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These No-Bake Peanut Butter Pretzel Chocolate Chip Granola Bars from Two Peas and Their Pod are the very snack that inspired this post!

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Quick and easy to prepare, these Gooey Golden Graham S’mores Treats from Six Sisters’ Stuff would be the best way to end a long day at school.

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I just love how Dukes and Duchesses glammed up a traditional glass of milk for her Happy Buddies to find when they came home from school.

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One of the Happy Hubby’s favorite treats is Reese’s Pieces, so I know he’d gobble up these Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Bars from Joy in the Jumble.

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There’s nothing like good ole’ Cheerios to help things seem better.

Check this yummy recipe out over at Kathie Cooks.

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These colorful cookies from Hoosier Homemade have a happy photograph that speaks for itself. :-)

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And, last but not least, several weeks ago a dear friend brought us a plate of these Rolo Pretzel Turtles from How Does She?.

Let’s just say that between the Happy Hubby and the Happy Hubby, there weren’t any treats left by morning. :-)

And there you have it!

I hope one of these recipes will find its way into your little students’ bellies this Back to School Season!

Your Happy Buddies work hard all day crunching numbers and memorizing state capitols, they deserve something special.

*Stop by later this week for a post featuring After School Snack Ideas for the Health Nut.*

Happy After School Snack-ing! :-)

The Cure for Test Anxiety

Now that school is in session, it is inevitable that your Happy Buddies are going to need to get back into the groove of studying.

Sometimes the art of taking a test, however, can prove to be quite debilitating!

You Happy Buddy could end up stressed, anxious, or just plain exhausted from working so hard in preparation.

These Candy Grams are just the thing to curb those test-taking nerves!

Click Image for Idea

Skip to My Lou features the above FREE Printable for you to print and hide in your Happy Buddy’s notebook – just add the candy!

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She also has this adorable Airhead Printable.

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You’ll find an entire sheet of FREE Printable tags at Ginger Snaps that pair perfectly with a variety of candies.

Click Image for Photo Source

Pinterest has a slew of Testing Candy Gram Ideas, too.

Click Image for Idea

it is what it is has another great Smarties FREE Printable for test-taking purposes.

Click Image for Idea

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These last two Candy Gram Ideas are from Mads Memories – a super fun way she blessed her Happy Buddies when they were having a rough go of it at the beginning of the school year.

Treats + Encouraging Words… Sounds like my kind of motivation!

I’m starting to wish that I still had to take tests!

Happy Candy Gram Test-ing! :-)

School is a Piece of (Cup) Cake

I’ve been promising the Happy Buddy an all out cupcake-baking-and-devouring session when he goes Number 2 in the potty for the first time.

As we wait (and wait and wait and wait), I have been checking out some adorable Back-to-School themed Cupcake Ideas.

Each one is super easy to make and will add a really happy element of surprise to anyone’s day as they say good-bye to summer and hello to a sweet new school year.

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Jeanne Winters made these Crayon Cupcakes in honor of her Happy Buddies’ first day.

Decorate with a little icing, a little sprinkles, and then just pop a crayon through the center.

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These Blackboard Cupcakes from Family Fun look like a beast to decorate, but they are actually quite easy to put together!

Plus, they’ll yield a lot of oos and ahhings.

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Hoosier Homemade featured these adorable and simple Classmate Cupcakes.

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Get to the point with these fun Pencil Cupcakes from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.

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These Apple Cupcakes  from The Nature of Grace are my FAVORITE because not only are they delicious, but also there is a hidden surprise in the middle!

You must go check it out!

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Once you’ve decided on which Back to School Cupcake to make, then print out my FREE Printable Hoping Your First Day was a Piece of Cake Tag.

And stick it next to a cupcake to bless your Happy Buddy upon their arrival home from school!

Happy Back to School Cupcake-ing! :-)

FREE Printables for Back to School – First Day Lunch Box Love

Looking for something a little extra special to sneak in your Happy Buddy’s lunch box on the first day?

Here are 4 sweet ideas…

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Whip up a batch of homemade Monster Cookies (recipe provided) like these from Bunny Cakes and then wrap them with the FREE Printable Cookie Band.

What a delicious and happy little package.

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Jasey’s Crazy Daisy created these fun notes for you to slip in your child’s lunch – simply add a gummy worm.

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I love these FREE Printable First Day Sandwich Belly Wrappers from Little Lovely!

A super cute way to jazz up a plain ole’ pb&j.

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, a small package of Smarties attached to this FREE Printable tag from it is what it is is a sweet reminder to your Happy Buddy of how much you love them.

Whatever you choose, an extra surprise will help make your Happy Buddy’s first day a great one!

Happy First Day Printable-ing! :-)

FREE Printables for Back to School – 1st Day Photo Signs

If you missed it, I did a whole post about various ways you can capture your Happy Buddy’s first day of school in a photo last Back to School season.  You can see it HERE – it’s such a cute post.  Seriously.  Go check it out.

One of the photo ops featured was to have your back to schooler hold up a sign announcing the grade he or she is entering.

The idea is so popular that many great blogs have created a series of signs for you to print (for free!) and use year after year.

Here are 6 of my favorites…

Click Image for Idea

First Day of School Printables at How Does She?.

Click Image for Idea

Colorful Back to School Printables at i heart nap time.

Click Image for Idea

The Wheels on the Bus Grade Printables by Lauren McKinsey Designs.

Click Image for Idea

First Day Printables at All for the Boys.

Simple.  Clean.  Your boys will appreciate the lack of polkadots. :-)

Click Image of Idea

Free Printable Back to School Collection (not just first day signs – this incredible set has tags, banners,treat toppers, etc.  Did I mention it is FREE?!) from Amanda’s Parties to Go.

I love that a ruler was used as a handle for the sign!!!

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, Tip Junkie put a clever spin on the hold-a-sign-idea by making a collection of First Day Photo Props – like the adorable speech bubble you see above.

I don’t know about you, but my Happy Buddy has a strange passion for crumpling things up in a ball right now, so we skipped the sign this year (I had to say goodbye to an entire sticker set I loved – *sigh*). :-)

Hopefully you will have better luck!

Happy 1st Day of School Photo Sign-ing! :-)

School Bus Sugar Rush

The Happy Buddy starts school in the morning so today I had to give him an unbelievable amount of sugar to celebrate.

Simply cover a graham cracker with yellow icing, add some square cereal for the windows, and stick on a pair of Oreos for the wheels.

Then gobble it up!

Make sure to make a big school bus mess…

Because school starts tomorrow and it’s back to business and healthy snacks. :-)

Happy School Bus Treat-ing!

Back to School Bus Paper Chain Countdown

By all means, this is not an original idea (got my inspiration from THIS GREAT SITE), but the Happy Buddy loved his Birthday Paper Chain Countdown so much that he practically begged me to make one to help him visualize how many days until school.

Poor guy is chompin’ at the bit to get back to school.

All he does around our Happy Home these days is hang out playing with his trains and cars while I wrestle the Happy Baby to take a bottle (more on that later). :-)

The Happy Buddy is going to be so thrilled to actually go somewhere and even put on something other than pajamas once school starts up.

We made our countdown using construction paper.

Easy Peasy!

There’s my happy little guy – headed for PreK-3!

Looking for other great countdown ideas?

I made an awesome FREE Printable Back to School Countdown last year – you’ll LOVE it.  Go HERE for it and share it with all of your friends please! :-)

And go HERE if you want even more creative Back to School Countdown ideas.

Happy Back to School Countdown-ing! :-)

School is a Piece of Cake

Last year I posted about how I like to pack a lunch for my next door neighbor (who is a 1st grade teacher) for her first day of school.

I really enjoyed doing that because, as a former teacher myself, I know that at the beginning of the year you’re thinking about a trillion things – none of them including feeding yourself!

This year, though, the Happy Buddy and I haven’t been feeling very well, so I just couldn’t muster up the energy to put together a big whoop-de-la, so I came up with this instead…My neighbor really likes these jumbo cupcakes from Whole Foods so I picked one up and added a little message.

It certainly wasn’t spectacular, but I wanted to let her know that I was thinking about her!!

I thought you might enjoy the FREE Printable yourself if you want to take a cupcake to your Happy Buddy’s teacher on the first day. :-)Get your FREE Printable by clicking HERE.

Happy First Day Piece of Cake-ing! :-)

Gearing Up for Back to School!

Greetings, Happy Home Earthlings.

Objective – Share some Robot-Themed Back to School Inspirations.

Click to Buy

How cute is this Robot Lunch Box?

It’s kind of on the pricey side, but I couldn’t resist including it in this post because I just love looking at it!!!

Click Image for Instructions

Need a place for all of those school supplies you just purchased?

Sara’s Art House created this amazing Back to School Robot that will make storing pencils out of this world!

Click to Buy

Speaking of school supplies, these Robot Scissors are perfect for snipping and cutting!

Click Image for Instructions

Send your Happy Buddy to school with a Robot Sandwich like this one from Cookie Cutter Lunch.

Click Image for Instructions

Your Happy Buddy will love having a Robot Lunch Sack to show off to all his friends in the cafeteria.

The Kid’s Fun Review gives the simple instructions to make one – all you need is some colored paper, googly eyes and a brown lunch bag!

Click Image for Printable

Don’t forget to throw in some Robot Lunch Box Love Notes like these FREE Printable ones from Tangarang.

Click Image for Printable

Creative Mamma also has a FREE Robot Printable!

These Labels can be personalized with your Happy Buddy’s information so that his books never go missing again.

Click Image for Recipe and Printable

What a cute after school snack!

Fuzz Food shares her recipe for Nuts and Bolts as well as the link for the FREE Printable Treat Topper.

Click Image for Instructions

Dandelion Design set up a Build Your Own Robot Station for her Happy Buddies that included pretzel sticks and marshmallows.

Click Image for Printable

The Happy Buddy is way into learning his letters right now.

I know he’d love this amazing FREE Printable Robot Lab File Folder Game of matching capital and lower case letters.

Click to Buy

I thought these Robot Wall Decals would look so cute in your Happy Buddy’s Homework Headquarters!

Click Image for Instructions

And when your Happy Buddies are all schooled out and looking for a brain break, give them some empty boxes, aluminum foil, and a bunch of random craft supplies to create Recycled Robots!

Check out Cooking with my Kid for all the details of their creative robot-building afternoon.

I hope you are feeling Geared Up for school!

Happy Robot-ing! :-)

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