Thanksgiving Head Gear

I know several Happy Homes that have a neat tradition every Thanksgiving.

They make their Thanksgiving guests a special hat to wear throughout the feast.

What a great way to keep things light and happy while eating until your pants feel tight!

Here are some hat ideas if you’re interested in getting the whole family to join in on the head gear fun…

Click Image for Instructions

Go HERE for instructions to make an authentic-looking Pilgrim Hat!

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All Kids Network has a super easy Pilgrim Hat as well.

*Interesting fact – did you know that the pilgrims we celebrate every Thanksgiving did not actually wear buckles on their clothes? Apparently, buckles did not come into fashion until the later 1600’s* :-)

Click Image for Instructions

To keep things gender specific, make the pilgrim hats for the guys and these adorable Pilgrim Bonnets for the girls!

Click Image for Instructions

Origami Owls has a Native American Hat that is unbelievably easy to make (2 supplies needed)- the band around the head is duct tape!

Click Image for Instructions

These Turkey Hats from Parents are just darling!

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I’ve always been a HUGE fan of this Gobbling Head Gear from Family Fun.

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Family Fun also suggests keeping it simple by setting out the supplies at a Thanksgiving Hat-Making Station for everyone to create their own using paper cups!

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Personally, I don’t think anyone should be allowed to eat unless they have one of these Turkey Leg Hats from HERE.

Click Image to Buy Hat for Your Baby

And I couldn’t resist this last one.

Had to throw it in to give you a smile if that Turkey Leg Hat didn’t already get you. :-)

I wish the baby in my tummy was already here so that I could get a photo like this!!!!

*P.S. We find out the gender of our baby next week!!!! STAY TUNED….*

What a fun tradition to start in your Happy Home!

No one will be able to take anyone seriously! :-)

Happy Thanksgiving Head Gear-ing!

A Thanksgiving Feast of Recipes

Can you believe that we’re just about a week away from Turkey Day?!

If you’re a super duper planner, you may have already figured out what your Happy Home is serving for Thanksgiving dinner months ago.

Or maybe your Happy Home does the same feast every year because it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without Grandma’s stuffing or Nana’s creamy mashed potatoes.

OR maybe you’re adventurous and want to try some new recipes this year.

Well, then you’ve come to the right place. :-)

Photo Source

I made a Sausage Apple Stuffing a few years ago and the Happy Hubby has begged me to make it every year since!

Photo Source

You all know it.

You all love it.

The Corn Casserole of AMAZINGNESS.

There isn’t a holiday celebration in our family where this casserole doesn’t make an appearance.

And then a quick disappearance!

Photo Source

This recipe for Cranberry Casserole was introduced to me a few years ago by a dear friend.

I had a mom bring this to our November MOM group at church – and there wasn’t a crumb left in the dish!

It is a really yummy substitute for cranberry sauce!

Photo Source

I looove this easy recipe for Bean Slop.

It’s tangy and sweet and you can make it the night before!

And, I apologize, Happy Home Friends, but I can only deliver side dish recipes for you.

I have never cooked a turkey in my life.

It’s on my Bucket List of stuff to do before the good Lord takes me home. :-)

And you will not find a mashed potato recipe here either.

For me, trying to make mashed potatoes is an insurmountable task.

I will let you in on a dirty little secret that will probably shock you… but our Happy Home is all about Betty Crocker’s Instant Mashed Potatoes in a box {gasp}.

But, I digress!

I put all 4 Thanksgiving recipes in a fun FREE Printable for you!

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Happy Thanksgiving Feast-ing! :-)

*Please note that some of the links to the photos used in this post have recipes that are slightly different than the recipes in my FREE printable! So if you want the Apple Sausage stuffing recipe that I use every year, click for the FREE Printable*

Pilgrim and Mayflower Crafts and Treats

Did you know that there were 102 pilgrims on the Mayflower?

Did you know that a baby boy was born on the Mayflower as it was sailing across the sea?

His mom appropriately named him Oceanus Hopkins. :-)

Did you know that the pilgrims had to use a bucket as a potty while on the Mayflower?

AND, I’ll bet you didn’t know that kids were not allowed to run on the Mayflower.

Holy cow, can you image having to manage your Happy Buddies cooped up on that boat for 66 days???

Since we honored the turkey last week, I thought I would do a post of crafts honoring the people and the vessel that brought the people who began our tradition of the Thanksgiving celebration.

Click Image for Instructions

All Kids Network does it again with this adorable Paper Plate Pilgrim!

Click Image for Instructions

I LOVE these FREE Printable Pilgrim Finger Puppets from Easy Child Crafts!

Click Image for Instructions

How about a whole Thanksgiving table-ful of Personalized Pilgrim Napkin Rings from Family Fun?

Click Image for Instructions

Family Fun also has these easy peasy Pilgrim and Native American TP People.

Click Image for Instructions

Learn Create Love has the CUTEST crafts and ideas!

These Pilgrims were done with the help of a FREE Printable, some paint and a pair of googly eyes!

Click Image for Instructions

Using just a few ingredients, you and your Happy Buddies can whip up these amazing Pilgrim Hat Cookies from Craftily Ever After.

Go ahead, take a plate of them to your neighbor!

Click Image for Instructions

And then there’s this Pilgrim Cupcake from Create Celebrate Explore.

I thought maybe the recipe would be too difficult – but it’s surprisingly simple!

I think I may have found inspiration for this year’s Thanksgiving Cupcake at our Happy Home’s Thanksgiving Feast!

Click Image for Instructions

This Mayflower Handprint Art from Fryman Four is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Click Image for Instructions

Last year at Happy Home Fairy you may remember the post featuring our Happy Home’s top 5 things we would take with us on the Mayflower.

First Grade Parade did the same thing with her students, but she had them cut out little brown construction paper suitcases and draw what they would bring on the inside.

Your Happy Buddies will love imagining how to fill their suitcases!

Click Image for Instructions

I Can Teach My Child shows how to make a simplified Mayflower using just 3 craft supplies!

That is my kind of craft!

Click Image for Instructions

Little Nummies makes me happy with this super easy Mayflower Snack that your Happy Buddies are sure to set sail about!

Click Image for Instructions

And, finally, Classified: Mom made these fabulous Paper Plate Mayflowers – adding some very cute passengers as a special touch.

I hope you feel inspired to teach your Happy Home about our Thanksgiving history!

Happy Pilgrim and Mayflower Craft-ing! :-)

One More Adorable Turkey Craft

Are you in love with this turkey?!

I was spying on the Happy Buddy in his PreK-2 classroom cruising the halls of the Happy Buddy’s preschool when I noticed a whole flock of these adorable turkeys hanging on one of the teacher’s bulletin boards.

I took note of the materials and instantly knew that we could make one at home!

What you will need:

  • Googly eyes
  • Construction paper in brown, red, and orange
  • Popsicle Sticks (we used pre-colored ones)
  • Glue

I doubt I need to jot down the directions, as these turkeys are pretty self-explanatory!

My favorite part was getting the Happy Buddy to tell me the things that he is thankful for…The Happy Buddy is kind of obsessed with Chick-fil-A at the moment, so chicken, fries and ketchup are a daily part of our prayers of thanksgiving. :-)

For more super cute Turkey Crafts, check out THIS POST.

Happy Turkey Craft-ing! :-)

Thanksgiving Love Notes for the Happy Hubby

As Thanksgiving approaches, I wanted to make something to bless my hubs.  He does so much for our little family that – in the spirit of this holiday – I had to come up with something to show him my appreciation.

Well, as I brainstormed about my man, I realized that my love for him is kind of like my love for Thanksgiving Dinner.

I know it sounds like a bit of a stretch, but go with me here.  You’ll love it, I promise. :-)

All last month I laid awake in bed at night dreaming of ways I could compare my hubby to a Thanksgiving menu item.  The result?  I drew up 8 little cards for you to print and tuck into your hubby’s pocket or lunch pail, or tape to his steering wheel as he heads off to work each day leading up to Thanksgiving.

I think your hubby will be pretty blessed by your thoughtfulness and creativity. :-)

Just click below, print, and enjoy!

Click Image for Printable

*Click HERE for your FREE Printable Thanksgiving Love Notes*

Happy Happy Hubby Thanksgiving Love Note-ing! :-)

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Pumpkin Pie Fun

Does anyone love Thanksgiving dinner simply because there’s a Pumpkin Pie at the finish line??

If so, then you’re going to think this post is pretty sweet!

Maybe some of these Pumpkin Pie-inspired ideas will curb your appetite until the big day. :-)

Click Image for Instructions

Start things off by making this fun Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie from All Kids Network.

I am not even kidding when I tell you that this super easy craft even smells like the real deal.

Click Image for Idea

Speaking of aromas, your Happy Buddies will love playing with this Pumpkin Pie Play Dough from Childhood Beckons.

Click Image for Instructions

Yes, this is for real.

Your Happy Buddies will give you a blue ribbon when you make them these Pumpkin Pie Pancakes featured at Living Locurto.

Click Image for Instructions

These Pumpkin Pie Bites from Bakerella are so simple to make – even your Happy Buddies could help!

Click Image for Instructions

How beautiful is this Pumpkin Pie Spinner from Parents?

It may look delicious enough to eat, but when you give the pie a spin, it reveals things your Happy Buddy is thankful for!

What a fun and meaningful craft to make together.

Click Image for Idea

Here’s one for the Happy Hubby from the amazing Dating Divas!

A FREE Printable card to go with his favorite Thanksgiving dessert. :-)  How cute is that?!

Click Image for Instructions

And I saved the best for last!!!

One of my favorite people, Sue from Munchkin Munchies, is always creating magic in the kitchen.

This Pumpkin Pie Treat is no exception!

Would you believe it if I told you that that pie is actually a cookie?!?

You have to check this ‘faux pie’ out – your Thanksgiving guests will think you are so sneaky clever.

Well, after writing this post, I think I am off to the store to make my own Pumpkin Pie – for real!

So much for curbing my appetite.

Happy Pumpkin Pie-ing! :-)

Easy and Cute Turkey Cupcakes

Every year Grandmommy asks me to bring cupcakes to our family’s Thanksgiving feast.

This is super fun for me.

Last Thanksgiving, I grabbed a few supplies from our pantry and we created this version of Family Fun’s Sweet TOM Turkeys.

All of my nieces had a fun time making them.

Most of the ‘feathers,’ however, got gobbled up as we worked. :-)

I thought a little flock of these cupcakes would be fun to take in for the Happy Buddy’s classroom Thanksgiving party this year!

So easy to make!

Ice your favorite cupcake recipe with chocolate icing.

Use 3 Keebler Sandies Right Bites Shortbread Cookies for the turkey head and wings.

I used black, orange, and red gel icing for the eyes, beak, and wattle.

And M&M’s for the feathers!

Happy Turkey Cupcake-ing! :-)