One More Adorable Turkey Craft

Are you in love with this turkey?!

I was spying on the Happy Buddy in his PreK-2 classroom cruising the halls of the Happy Buddy’s preschool when I noticed a whole flock of these adorable turkeys hanging on one of the teacher’s bulletin boards.

I took note of the materials and instantly knew that we could make one at home!

What you will need:

  • Googly eyes
  • Construction paper in brown, red, and orange
  • Popsicle Sticks (we used pre-colored ones)
  • Glue

I doubt I need to jot down the directions, as these turkeys are pretty self-explanatory!

My favorite part was getting the Happy Buddy to tell me the things that he is thankful for…The Happy Buddy is kind of obsessed with Chick-fil-A at the moment, so chicken, fries and ketchup are a daily part of our prayers of thanksgiving. :-)

For more super cute Turkey Crafts, check out THIS POST.

Happy Turkey Craft-ing! :-)

Thanksgiving Love Notes for the Happy Hubby

As Thanksgiving approaches, I wanted to make something to bless the Happy Hubby.  He does so much for our Happy Home that I had to come up with something to show him my appreciation.

Well, the more I brainstormed about him, the more I realized that my love for him is kind of like my love for Thanksgiving Dinner.

You’re probably thinking, “Huh?”

I know it sounds like a bit of a stretch, but go with me, here.  You’ll love it, I promise. :-)

All last month I laid awake in bed at night dreaming of ways I could compare my hubby to a Thanksgiving menu item.  The result?  I drew up 8 little cards for you to print and tuck into your hubby’s pocket or lunch pail, or tape to his steering wheel as he heads off to work each day leading up to Thanksgiving.

I think your hubby will be pretty blessed by your thoughtfulness and creativity. :-)

Just click below, print, and enjoy!

Click Image for Printable

Happy Happy Hubby Thanksgiving Love Note-ing! :-)

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Pumpkin Pie Fun

Does anyone love Thanksgiving dinner simply because there’s a Pumpkin Pie at the finish line??

If so, then you’re going to think this post is pretty sweet!

Maybe some of these Pumpkin Pie-inspired ideas will curb your appetite until the big day. :-)

Click Image for Instructions

Start things off by making this fun Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie from All Kids Network.

I am not even kidding when I tell you that this super easy craft even smells like the real deal.

Click Image for Idea

Speaking of aromas, your Happy Buddies will love playing with this Pumpkin Pie Play Dough from Childhood Beckons.

Click Image for Instructions

Yes, this is for real.

Your Happy Buddies will give you a blue ribbon when you make them these Pumpkin Pie Pancakes featured at Living Locurto.

Click Image for Instructions

These Pumpkin Pie Bites from Bakerella are so simple to make – even your Happy Buddies could help!

Click Image for Instructions

How beautiful is this Pumpkin Pie Spinner from Parents?

It may look delicious enough to eat, but when you give the pie a spin, it reveals things your Happy Buddy is thankful for!

What a fun and meaningful craft to make together.

Click Image for Idea

Here’s one for the Happy Hubby from the amazing Dating Divas!

A FREE Printable card to go with his favorite Thanksgiving dessert. :-)  How cute is that?!

Click Image for Instructions

And I saved the best for last!!!

One of my favorite people, Sue from Munchkin Munchies, is always creating magic in the kitchen.

This Pumpkin Pie Treat is no exception!

Would you believe it if I told you that that pie is actually a cookie?!?

You have to check this ‘faux pie’ out – your Thanksgiving guests will think you are so sneaky clever.

Well, after writing this post, I think I am off to the store to make my own Pumpkin Pie – for real!

So much for curbing my appetite.

Happy Pumpkin Pie-ing! :-)

Easy and Cute Turkey Cupcakes

Every year Grandmommy asks me to bring cupcakes to our family’s Thanksgiving feast.

This is super fun for me.

Last Thanksgiving, I grabbed a few supplies from our pantry and we created this version of Family Fun’s Sweet TOM Turkeys.

All of my nieces had a fun time making them.

Most of the ‘feathers,’ however, got gobbled up as we worked. :-)

I thought a little flock of these cupcakes would be fun to take in for the Happy Buddy’s classroom Thanksgiving party this year!

So easy to make!

Ice your favorite cupcake recipe with chocolate icing.

Use 3 Keebler Sandies Right Bites Shortbread Cookies for the turkey head and wings.

I used black, orange, and red gel icing for the eyes, beak, and wattle.

And M&M’s for the feathers!

Happy Turkey Cupcake-ing! :-)

Thanksgiving Kid’s Table Ideas

I have very vivid memories of our family’s Thanksgivings and all of the cousins seated at a small folding card table.

One of my cousins, who shall remain nameless, was known for slipping under the table to perform random tricks on the rest of us.

He’d grab our feet, tickle our knees, whatever.  It was always a surprise and always had us giggling.

Then there was the year where we all decided that we weren’t that into the mashed potatoes and thought they would do better stuffed into our drink glasses.

Oh, the list goes on.

Here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving Kid’s Table Ideas for those of you who have to entertain a bunch of hyper Happy Buddies on Turkey Day and would prefer the mashed potatoes to stay on their plates and kids in their seats.

Click Image for Instructions

Last year for my church’s MOM group I prepared a fun Thanksgiving Kid’s Table for the moms to use as inspiration.

I gathered a lot of my favorite (and simplest) ideas and put them all in one place!

You must go check out the pictures and cuteness HERE – I especially loved the Turkey Crayon Centerpiece.

Click Image for Instructions

There is a super incredible post over at Fiskars with all kinds of tips for creating a magical child-centered place setting.

That turkey drumstick place card makes me so happy and the Mayflower straws couldn’t be more easy!

Click Image for Instructions

Or maybe you are feeling even more ambitious than a drumstick.

One Charming Party made a giant turkey made out of paper bags.

And if that wasn’t kid-friendly enough, the turkey is ‘stuffed’ with popcorn.

It’s not as hard as it looks – ‘pop’ over for step-by-step photo instructions :-), as well as some more creative kid table ideas.

Click Image for Instructions

Parents shares how to turn the kid’s table cups into cute little turkeys that double as place cards.

Click Image for Instructions

Your Happy Buddies will love decorating their plates with snacks using this clever (and frugal) idea from The Idea Room.

Click Image for Printable

Lily’s Laundry offers this FREE printable Happy Turkey Day Banner for you to display over the kid’s table.

Click Image for Instructions

This gal made sweet Turkey Placemats and topped them with clear plates.

I couldn’t resist all those bright colors!

Click Image for Instructions

I love this table from Southern Living because it has a checklist on the side for the kid’s to check off whenever they have eaten something.

Love that brown butcher paper tablecloth – just let the kids draw right on it!

Plus, those plastic wishbones are just screaming ‘fun’ to me!

Click Image for Printables

And, finally, Shindig Parties TO GO has the GREATEST set of FREE Thanksgiving Kid’s Table Printables you could ever imagine.

Including a printable for a Mayflower Ship Centerpiece.

And if the Happy Buddies are still at a loss for something to do, throw one of these amazing Turkey Crafts at them.

Or have them play Don’t Eat Tom Turkey (this guarantees at least an hour of preoccupation). :-)

Happy Thanksgiving Kid Table-ing! :-)

Thankful Family Night

*Here is a fun post that I shared with the girls over at Or So She Says last year…*

Have a Thankful Family Night!

Before the big Turkey Day with all the dishes to prepare, tables to set, and relatives to entertain, invite your Happy Home to an evening of being thankful.

First thing to do to prepare for Thankful Family Night…  Schedule the whole family to be there.  It needs to be a night when everyone can be together.Second thing to do… On the night of your Thankful Family Night, place a cute basket by your front door to collect all forms of media (that’s right, no cell phones, iPhones,  iPods, Blackberries, etc.). :-)

Image Source

Third thing to do… Serve something absolutely delicious but super simple to make.  You can find some great menu options for your Thankful Family Night HERE!Fourth thing to do… Dim the lights as you sit down to dinner.  Put tealights at each family member’s place setting.  Discuss the meaning of being thankful.  Look up the definition in the dictionary or share a Bible verse about thanksgiving (my favorite is 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).   While you are enjoying your delicious-but-super-simple-to-make-meal, go around the table and have each person share what they are grateful for.  Have them light their candle after their turn (or if your Happy Buddies are teeny like mine, light it for them and then place it 3,489 feet away. :-)).

Fifth thing to do… After everyone has Happy Bellies and the room is warmly glowing with gratitude, do an activity as a family that focuses on being grateful.  I have a whole post of ideas that you can read HERE, but here are a few others that are lots of fun…

  • Make Thank You cards for the people in your family’s world that you interact with regularly but don’t necessarily know, like the grocery store cashier, the bank teller (my little Happy Buddy and I LOVE sending treasures through those containers at the bank drive-thru.  What a surprise!), the coffee shop employee, etc. Put all the cards in a special bag that you can take with you when your family runs an errand.  Let your kids hand them out.
  • Ding Dong Ditch a bag of Thanksgiving groceries to a family you know that is in need.  I can’t think of anything more magical than that!
  • Have each member in the family decorate large envelopes with Thanksgiving-themed stickers (I always find the cutest ones in the card aisles at local stores like Wal-Mart of Target), hand-print turkeys, and their name written front and center.  I wrote “Gobbling Up Gratitude For…” on ours!)  That night each person jots down one thing that they are thankful for about their parent/sibling and slips it into the appropriate envelopes.  Then hang the envelopes where everyone can see them.  Over the next several days leading up to Thanksgiving, encourage your family to jot notes of thanks to one another and drop them in the corresponding envelopes.  Open your envelopes on Thanksgiving morning and read all the grateful nuggets your family members have said about you!

    Click Image for Photo Credit

  • Make a Chain of Thanks using strips of construction paper in yellow, orange, and brown.  Write ways that God has been good to your family on each strip, staple them all together and tada!  A reminder of your many blessings and a beautiful decoration to enjoy!
  • Call someone as a family – just to tell them you are grateful for them.  Guess it’s okay to bring out the cell phone for that! :-)

Don’t forget to share a Thankful Family Hug at the end of your Thankful Family Night! :-)

Happy Thankful Family Night-ing! :-)

Turkey Crafts

I am LOVING all of the Turkey Crafts that are popping up around Blog Land!

I am pretty sure that the Happy Buddy and I are going to have to try them all. :-)

Click Image for Instructions

Rachel, over at I Heart Crafty Things, always has the cutest projects!

This November, she and her Happy Buddies made this clever and colorful Paper Plate Turkey.

Click Image for Instructions

We all love to create crafts that double as keepsakes.

Meet the Dubiens has a super cute Handprint Turkey that you will treasure for years to come!

Click Image for Instructions

Katherine Marie Photography has done it again with a fabulous post of Turkey Crafts.

I especially liked these Handprint Clothespin Turkeys!

Click Image for Instructions

This next craft from (yes, it is an entire site dedicated to projects made out of recycled toilet paper rolls!) wasn’t originally meant to be a turkey, but rather a peacock.

Don’t you just love re-purposing those paint chip strips?!

Add a little wattle, however, and you’ve got yourself one adorable TP Turkey.I found this Pasta Turkey in the November issue of Publix Family Style Magazine.

Then I saw that someone had pinned a picture of it on Pinterest, so I had to share it here.

I love all of these different ways to make cute turkey feathers!

Click Image for Instructions

Speaking of feathers, here is a neat way to help your Happy Buddies learn their colors from Laugh, Paint, Create!

Click Image for Instructions

Toddler Approved made this fabulous Turkey Treat Jar as a way of teaching gratitude.

I love it when crafts encourage such lovely and positive thinking in our Happy Homes!

Click Image for Instructions

Here at Happy Home Fairy you can find these unbelievably easy Turkey Wooden Spoons that we made last year with our play group!

Click Image for Instructions

And, finally, Kaboose shares how to make an adorable Family Turkey where all of your Thanksgiving dinner guests can write on a turkey feather what they are thankful for.

I hope you found something here to gobble about!

Happy Turkey Craft-ing! :-)