Thanksgiving Advent Calendars

Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday.

Although I admit to saying that about pretty much every holiday, Thanksgiving is quite dear to my Happy Home heart.

It’s a shame that this holiday gets kind of squished and forgotten between those huge money-makers – Halloween and Christmas.

Having a grateful heart is one of the most important things I want the Happy Buddy to learn – as it seems to be the cure for whining, crankiness, bickering, discontentment, bitterness, resentment, etc., etc.

Paul knew what he was talking about when he wrote, “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus…” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. :-)

So let’s kick off this season of Thanksgiving with a fabulous round-up of Advent Calendars that you can use with your Happy Home to countdown to Turkey Day!!

Click Image for Instructions

Check out the Thanksgiving Advent Calendar I made for our Happy Home last year – that I fully plan on using again starting today!

I am not even kidding when I tell you how easy it was to make that thing.

The best part about it are the little pockets (one for each day in November) that we get to fill with slips of paper scribbled with our daily gratitudes. :-)

Click Image for Instructions

Or try a similar idea to the one above, and fill a Thankful Jar, like this one from Parents, each day with things your Happy Home is thankful for.

Click Image for Instructions

Here is a fun Turkey Countdown from Baby Center!

Simply add a feather each day leading up to Thanksgiving.I loooooooove this idea that originally came from Alphamom (but the post seems to have disappeared from the site…).

Simply take some small paper cups, fill each with a piece of candy (break into that Halloween candy stash), cover each cup with a glued square of tissue paper, attach all to a foam board and voila!

Your Happy Buddies will have so much fun punching through the tissue paper each day to reveal a little treat – a little something to be thankful for! :-)There’s always the good ole’ fashioned Paper Chain!

Have everyone in your Happy Home (including pets and visitors) add a link each day expressing what he/she is thankful for.

Before long, you will have a beautiful decoration adorning your dining room for all of your Thanksgiving Dinner guests!

And, finally, here are a few sites with some super creative and simple Thanksgiving Advent Activities – a daily craft, task, or idea (all centered around being thankful) for your Happy Buddies to do each day in the month of November.

A Bushel and a Peck’s Thanksgiving Advent Activities

Five Under the One’s Thanksgiving Advent Fun (I especially liked that she included Black Friday Shopping on her list :-)!)

Happy Thanksgiving Advent-ing! :-)

Happy Thanksgiving Happy Home Friends!

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever!” Psalm 118:1

Don't you love his T-Shirt? My friend helped me make it! The feathers are his handprints and the body is his footprint!

This Thanksgiving I am most grateful for my wonderful readers!  Thank you so much for supporting this little blog.  You, dear Mommies, are my inspiration!  I love providing you with all the magical tools you need to keep on building your Happy Homes.  I can’t even tell you how excited I get when I check my stats and see that you have visited.

Just ask my Happy Hubby – I give him hourly updates. :-)

May you know how thankful I am for you and may the Lord bless you on this special day of celebrating the things God has given you and your Happy Home!


If you are stopping by today because you need something quick and magical to do at your Thanksgiving celebration, here are some links to my favorite posts this month…

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Thanksgiving Popcorn Tags to print and attach to a microwave popcorn bag and give to your neighbors – PRINTABLE

AMAZING Thanksgiving Kid’s Table Ideas!

The cutest place cards EVER.

Happy Thanksgiving-ing! :-)

I’ve Been Featured!

I am so excited, my wonderful Happy Home readers!  The amazing ladies over at Or So She Says… have invited me to Guest Post today!  I shared some great ideas about having a Thankful Family Night – a fun evening of being grateful as a family (without all the turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie fuss). :-)

While you’re there, you’ll find TONS (I am not even kidding about this), TONS of recipe, tradition, activity, and other family night ideas to help you build your Happy Home!  What an incredible resource for Mommies!  I hope you enjoy their site as much as I do!

C’mon over and check it out!

Happy Guest Post Visit-ing! :-)

If I were traveling on the Mayflower I would pack…

When I was teaching 2nd grade, I LOVED telling my students about the pilgrims and their journey on the Mayflower.  We talked about the fact that the Mayflower was a small ship packed with over 100 people, all their belongings, and possibly some farm animals.  There were bad storms, foul smells, and cramped, damp living quarters.  Many pilgrims got sick from these kind of conditions.

It must have been a miserable experience!

But there was a light at the end of the tunnel for the pilgrims.  They were journeying to freedom!  They were willing to suffer through difficult circumstances in order to find life and liberty in the name of Jesus.

I always liked to ask my students, “If you were a pilgrim on the Mayflower, what would you pack for the journey?”  I’d usually limit the kids’ responses to only 5 items since there clearly wouldn’t be enough room on the ship for a lot of extras!

Just for fun, the other night before bed I asked the Happy Hubby what 5 things he would have taken with him on his pilgrimage to America.  We agreed that the Bible was a given. :-)

Here’s what he said…

  1. Laptop (since America in the 1620’s had free Wi-Fi everywhere.)
  2. X-Box (Halo Nights with William Bradford and Squanto.)
  3. Pizza (having corn every day just won’t cut it for the Happy Hubby.)
  4. Journal
  5. The book Pilgrim’s Progress (“because it sounds hopeful.” :-))

Here are the 5 things I would take with me on the Mayflower…

  1. My Family Recipe Cookbook (I don’t remember how to cook anything without having it written down! I’m guessing, though, that they won’t carry refrigerated Pillsbury biscuits at the Plymouth Rock grocery store…)
  2. GRANOLA (favorite snack EVER.)
  3. My flat iron (you’ll find me in the grave one day snuggling this item.)
  4. My favorite book, Stepping Heavenward (to keep my perspective :-).)
  5. My cases of glitter (I might not smell the greatest after being trapped on a ship for 2 months, but at least I’ll sparkle.)

After some giggles, we decided to list the top 5 things our Happy Buddy would take with him…

  1. Farm set (the Happy Buddy is OBSESSED with this horse farm set at the moment.  He drags us to play it with him a million times a day and when we try to be done and walk away the Happy Buddy becomes the Fussy Buddy.)
  2. His favorite book (you can pull color cards out of the pages – the Happy Buddy could seriously pull those cards out all day long.)
  3. Banana (the Happy Buddy can eat an entire one of these in less than 30 seconds – no joke.)
  4. Nightlight (this is the first thing the Happy Buddy runs to see the second we get home from an event at night – it’s in the kitchen and makes all sorts of beautiful colors.  It’s almost hypnotic!)
  5. PACIS (need I say more???)

It took about 1,235,674 shots to get the picture above because we had all kinds of issues with a little someone trying to steal the photo subjects…

Stealing the banana.

Stealing the pacis.

What a fun question to ask around your dinner table tonight!  Or what a great activity to do with your Happy Buddies!  Simply tell them about the Mayflower, set out a suitcase, and ask them to fill it up!  It will be so neat to see what they choose!

As always, I’d love to hear your responses – what would you bring on your trip?

Happy Mayflower Pack-ing! :-)

Free Thanksgiving/Fall Printable Kit!

By now, y’all know I have an obsession with glitter.  My poor son and hubby can’t go a day without finding something sparkly on them as a result of living with me. :-)

Well, the other day I stumbled upon the most amazing blog called Paper Glitter!

I am not even kidding about this!

And they are sooooooo generous with their creativity!  They hooked up all of their readers with a free printable Thanksgiving Kit to use for your Thanksgiving celebration!

The kit includes activity pages for the little ones to do while the turkey roasts, napkin rings, placecards, invitations, and so much more!  You will just love the magic of it all!  Click the picture to head on over to Paper Glitter and start printing!

Thanksgiving Craft – Cereal Box Turkeys

I have been having so much fun with the Happy Buddy making all kinds of fun crafts for Thanksgiving!

One of our favorites has been the Cereal Box Turkey Craft we found over at My Plum Pudding!

I’m so excited to share what our little turkey looks like…

Isn’t he darling???

That’s me!  I got to present my Turkey to a group of Moms a few weeks ago!

Cereal Box Turkeys are so simple to make!

Simply cut out a variety of circles from several different cereal boxes.  Layer the circles until you get just the right look.  Glue small pieces of cardboard in between each layer (if you want your turkey to be a bit more 3-D).  Add a beak, wattle, eyes, and a popsicle stick and TADA!

Note to self, though, the Happy Hubby was not so happy that I destroyed all of our cereal boxes because now there is nothing but random cereal bag mess scattered all over the pantry and he can never remember what kind of cereal he has to choose from when he’s ready for breakfast. :-)

Megan, the mastermind behind these beauties, has such a creative way with making magic out of anything!  She gave me permission to share her amazing pictures here.  I love our Cereal Box Turkey, but I think hers are INCREDIBLE!

*If you want more detailed instructions on how to make your own Cereal Box Turkeys, CLICK HERE!

Megan’s Turkeys are just stunning!

What a pretty and super fun centerpiece for your Thanksgiving Feast!

Happy Cereal Box Turkey-ing! :-)


Turkey-rrific Pancakes!

Look what the Happy Buddy’s going to enjoy next week for breakfast!!!

Aren’t you just celebrating the cuteness?!?!  I can’t imagine any little turkeys, or big turkeys for that matter (I’m going to probably be more excited about these pancakes than my Happy Buddy!), who wouldn’t love to be served up some of these cuties!  They’ll get “gobbled” up in no time! :-)

The picture and idea came from my friend, Sharla, over at My Little Gems.  You can click the picture to get the easy recipe for these pancakes because they are not just cute, they are also pumpkin-flavored!  Now, how’s that for a Fall Party on the Plate and in the Mouth???

While you’re visiting Sharla, you will find lots of other amazing ideas and INCREDIBLY delicious recipes for your Happy Home.  She is clearly a mom who knows how to put some glitter magic into family life!  I hope you enjoy!

Happy Turkey Pancake-ing! :-)

Thanksgiving Popcorn Tags – Version 2

A friend of mine requested the Popcorn Tag to be made so that an individual can hand them out – in other words, the tag now reads “I” instead of “We”!

I am still new to this whole scanning thing – I know it’s not that complicated, but computer stuff makes me go bananas – so bear with me! :-)  But I hope that you can use these tags, too!  The point is to just be a blessing to someone.  I’m grateful for all of you who bless me with your encouragement and use of these ideas!  Love to you!

Click image, print, and attach to microwaveable bags of popcorn!  Give to someone special!

Happy Thanksgiving Popcorn Tag Version 2-ing! :-)

Thanksgiving Popcorn Tags – Free Printable!

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to take a minute to thank the people in your Happy Home’s world.

I saw this idea floating around the blog-o-sphere and knew we had to try it out…

What to do…  Print out the tag below, attach to a microwavable bag of popcorn, and leave in a place where someone special is bound to find it!

I made ours for our mailman.

Don’t you think he’s going to love opening up the mailbox to find that our Happy Home has “POPPED” in to give him a Thanksgiving Blessing?

This idea can be given to ANYONE!

Why not leave it on your next door neighbor’s doorstep?  Or a co-worker’s desk?  Or your Happy Buddy’s teacher’s mailbox at school?  Or on top of your pastor’s Bible?  The possibilities are endless!

Just click the image below, print, and have fun “POPPING” in on someone this Thanksgiving!

Click Image for Printable

Happy Thanksgiving Popcorn Tag-ing! :-)

*To all of my email subscribers, thank YOU for letting this little Fairy ‘pop’ into your inbox each day!  And to my faithful friends who ‘pop’ by Happy Home Fairy each day – I am so grateful for you!  Happy Thanksgiving!*

Turkey Snack Bag

Is this not the cutest idea EVER?!?!?


I get goosebumps just looking at this sweet little Turkey snack.

To make this adorableness, fill the fingers of a food service glove with goldfish, the palm with popcorn, stick a googly eye on the thumb, and tie some colored curling ribbon around the thumb and the base to look like a wattle and feet.

My friend, Beth, the Mama Bee at the blog From the Hive, was where I was inspired to make this snack of cuteness.  I have to admit, though, that her Turkey Snacks came out WAYYYYY cuter than mine (she used larger, clear food service gloves and her goldfish were different colors), so CHECK OUT HER PICS and then make a whole flock for your child’s class this week to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Happy Turkey Snack-ing! :-)

Click the link below for other super cute Thanksgiving Ideas!