SUPER Easy Turkey Craft

easy turkey craft - paper plate, tp roll, googly eyes, red and orange foam or construction paper. Adorable!

After the wild success of last year’s Easy Turkey Craft, I had to come up with a new one for this Thanksgiving.

You probably already have everything you need to make this cute little turkey (inspiration from HERE).easy turkey craft - supplies


Paper plate, cut in half

Toilet paper roll



Googly eyes

Orange and red sticky foam (or construction paper)

Instructions:easy turkey craft 1

Step 1 – Have your Happy Buddy create a design on the paper plate with the markers (the Happy Buddy also ended up decorating his plate with some Thanksgiving stickers and I added a Thanksgiving-themed Bible verse to mine).

easy turkey craft 2Step 2 – Cut out a beak and a wattle from the orange and red sticky foam and attach.

easy turkey craft 3Step 3 – Add googly eyes.

easy turkey craft - happy buddy'sStep 4 – Cut 2 (1-inch) slits in the toilet paper roll, one on either side, and then slide the paper plate half in.

easy turkey craftDone!

Happy SUPER Easy Turkey Craft-ing! :-)

Easy Candy-Filled Turkey Favors

candy-filled turkey favors for thanksgiving! these are so cute and so easy to make!!!It seems that when this month rolls around, everything I look at I think to myself, “How can I turn that into a turkey??”

I mean, paper plate turkeys, turkey cookieswooden spoon turkeys, handprint turkeys, baby food jar turkeys

I was even contemplating a dining room chair the other day wondering – Would this look good with a wattle?


But M&M Turkeys, now this is where it’s at, people!

Here is a super simple little favor that you could place at each person’s place setting at the big feast.

candy turkey favor supplies

I found all of my supplies at Walmart.

candy turkey favor step 1

Step 1 – Lay a few pieces of cut tulle down and pile some candy in the center.

candy turkey favor step 2Step 2 – Bring the ends of tulle together and tie together with one of the brown pipe cleaner halves.

candy turkey favorStep 3 – Take the other brown pipe cleaner and roll the top part down a few times to make a head.  Poke the red pipe cleaner piece through and secure by wrapping the ends.  Add googly eyes.

candy-filled turkey favors!Step 4 – Jab the head into the candy bag and you’re done.

Everyone is sure to love these turkey favors!

I know there will be lots of gobbling going on if you make them for your friends and family this Thanksgiving.

Happy Candy-Filled Turkey Favor-ing! :-)

CUTE CRAFT ALERT – Turkey Yourself

turkey youself - such a cute craft to send to grandma this thanksgiving!

This little craft was so fun to put together and it only required a few supplies.

You will need a large photo of your Happy Buddy’s head, some colored card stock, glue, and scissors.

Snip everything out and then glue to a piece of thick paper.


Now we have the perfect thing to mail to the grandmas for Thanksgiving this year.

turkey youself - such a cute craft to send to grandma this thanksgiving!!

NOTE – This particular turkey will not be on the menu, do not worry. ;-)

Happy Turkey Youself-ing!

*Cute idea from HERE*

Thanksgiving RAKs

Since my post yesterday was of epic proportions, I thought I’d balance it today with a short one! :-)

I am always looking for ways to bless and serve others in our community.

So, this month, make it your Happy Home’s mission to complete a few of these Thanksgiving-themed Random Acts of Kindness.thanksgiving RAKs

Happy Thanksgiving RAK-ing! :-)

*Turkey cookie idea found HERE*

*Turkey Box of Warm and Cozies found HERE*

“Turkey Fruit Platter found HERE*

*And if you need an excellent Thanksgiving joke, go HERE*

Thanksgiving Countdowns

thanksgiving countdown ideas - these are all so creative and easy. I really want to get my family focused on gratitude this month!It’s a shame that Thanksgiving gets kind of squished and forgotten between those huge money-makers – Halloween and Christmas.

Today is only November 2nd and you literally can’t find any fall decorations or Thanksgiving items ANYWHERE!  We went to the mall tonight with the boys to let them get their wiggles out just walk around and Kohl’s was completely decked out with tinsel and trees.

In our Happy Home, I try really hard not to rush past the humble spirit of this sweet holiday even with all the outside pressure to get into Christmas mode.

I intentionally do this because having a grateful heart is one of the most important character traits I want my Happy Buddies to learn – as it seems to be the cure for whining, crankiness, bickering, discontentment, bitterness, resentment, etc., etc.

So let’s kick off this season of Thanksgiving with a fabulous round-up of Countdown Ideas that you can use with your Happy Home to prepare their precious hearts for Turkey Day.

Click Image for Instructions

Check out the Thanksgiving Advent Calendar I made for our Happy Home a few years ago.

I am not even kidding when I tell you how easy it was to make that thing.

The best part about it are the little pockets (one for each day in November) that we get to fill with slips of paper scribbled with our daily gratitudes. :-)

Click Image for Instructions

Fill a Thankful Jar, like this one from Parents, each day with things your Happy Home is thankful for.

Click Image for Instructions

Here is a fun Turkey Countdown from Baby Center!

Simply add a feather each day leading up to Thanksgiving.I loooooooove this idea that originally came from Alphamom (but the post seems to have disappeared from the site…).

Simply take some small paper cups, fill each with a piece of candy (break into that Halloween candy stash), cover each cup with a glued square of tissue paper, attach all to a foam board and voila!

Your Happy Buddies will have so much fun punching through the tissue paper each day to reveal a little treat – a little something to be thankful for. :-)

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

This Thankful Wreath from Chica and Jo is so easy to make!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

There’s always the good ole’ fashioned Paper Chain like this one from One Charming Party.

Have everyone in your Happy Home (including pets and visitors) add a link each day expressing what he/she is thankful for.

Before long, you will have a beautiful decoration adorning your dining room for all of your Thanksgiving Dinner guests!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

This Thankful Jar is filled with Thankful Activities for your Happy Buddies to complete – 1 per day.

Pop over to Somewhat Simple for the FREE Printable.

Activity cards say cute things like:

I am thankful for pies – Go make a pumpkin pie to anyone.

I am thankful for Grandparents – Call and tell them “I love you,” or “I am grateful for you!”

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Honeybear Lane has this sweet homemade Handprint Advent Calendar.

You can add things your Happy Home is thankful for to the finger feathers each day.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Finally, you must check out this brand new FREE Printable Family Gratitude Devotions for the month of November from one of my new favorite blogs to read, Frugal Fun for Boys.

What a great way to dive into what God’s Word says about being thankful, AND you get to do it every single day this month.

I know your November will be full of sweet blessings with any of these creative ideas!

Happy Thanksgiving Countdown-ing! :-)

*Check out my Thanksgiving Pinterest Board for more great countdown ideas!*

4 Recipes for Leftover Turkey

I totally toted home several bags of leftover turkey last night after our family’s feast.

These recipes are the reason why I hoarded so much of the bird! :-)

Click Image for Idea

This Creamy Corn and Turkey Soup from Kraft looks like just the thing to hit the spot as we head into the cold days of winter!

Click Image for Idea

This easy Turkey Tetrazzini from Southern Living is pure comfort food.

Click Image for Idea

I love that this delicious recipe for Turkey Pot Pie from Taste of Home makes 2 pies – one for you and one for a friend in need!

Click Image for Idea

Finally, this one’s for all you early Black Friday shoppers out there!

After a morning of hustle and bustle, invite your girlfriends over for a plate of these simple, but oh-so-scrumptious Turkey Wraps from Add a Pinch.

Now the only question is – which of these amazing options should I make today???

Happy Leftover Turkey Recipe-ing! :-)

Happy Thanksgiving to the Best Blog Readers EVER

Y’all need to know how thankful I am for each and every one of you, dear readers.

You are the very reason I am still getting up to pump in the middle of the night!

I so enjoy the stillness of that hour…  Creating new posts for you, reading your comments, seeing who ‘liked’ the latest over on the Fairy’s Facebook page…

Thank you.

Thank you to all of my email subscribers – it blesses me so much that you choose to let me pop in your inbox daily!

Thank you to the people who think my posts are worthy of a ‘share’ on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you for ‘pinning’ many of my posts to Pinterest.  (Oh, Pinterest.  You don’t even know how grateful I am for YOU!)

Thank you for spreading the word about the Fairy to your friends and family.

Thank you for not being offended by my excessive use of exclamation points!!! :-)

Thank you for taking the time to send me an email telling me about an idea that was shared and how you used it in your Happy Home.

Thank you for doing silly things for me – like casting a vote for my Pizza Bubble Recipe or helping me win the Homeschool Blog Award for Best Homemaking and Recipe Blog.

Thank you for thinking this blog has something to offer, even though I don’t have amazing photography skills or state of the art blog design.

Thank you for not getting mad at me if I don’t respond to your emails or comments – I read every single one and find the greatest joy in them, but boys howdy!  I am not the best about writing back.  PLEASE know they mean the WORLD to me.

Thank you for believing in the call to build Happy Homes.

YOU, sweet bloggy readers, are the very inspiration behind this site.

I just look at my stats and I am inspired that you take the time to find helpful ideas for creating meaningful and magical and Christ-centered moments with your families.

Not to mention that I never EVER would have survived the great trial of the Happy Baby’s hospitalization without the precious place of refuge this little blog became for me as your comments, prayers, support, and encouragement poured in with every posted update.

How I praise God for the strength He has given our Happy Home through your unbelievable kindness!

May the Lord bless YOU this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving.

-Julie :-)

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Links

It’s almost Turkey Day!

Here is a round-up featuring some of my favorite/best Thanksgiving posts from Happy Home Fairy.

May the Lord bless you tomorrow as you celebrate His great goodness with your Happy Homes.

Click Image for Idea

Fun FREE Printable Thanksgiving Games and Activities

Click Image for Idea

Easy Turkey Treats

Click Image for Idea

Thanksgiving Skit (The kids and adults can act it out while  someone narrates – so fun!)

Click Image for Idea

Thanksgiving Tradition – The 5 Kernels of Corn

Click Image for Idea

Thanksgiving Conversation Cards – FREE Printable!

Click Image for Idea

The Perfect Thanksgiving Centerpiece – The Fruit Kabob Turkey

Click Image for Idea

Thanksgiving Love Notes for your Happy Hubby – FREE Printable!

Click Image for Idea

5 Simple and Meaningful Thanksgiving Tradition Ideas

Click Image for Idea

Funny Thanksgiving Jokes for Dinnertime Giggles – FREE Printable!

Click Image for Idea

An Easy Mayflower Place Card Craft

I sincerely pray that this little blog will help you have a magical holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving-ing! :-)

Raise Your Banners!


Today we woke up early and drove the Happy Baby to the hospital.

Today the anesthesiologist let me hold the Happy Baby’s hand as he put him to sleep.

Today our doctor removed the Happy Baby’s feeding tube.

Today the Happy Baby woke up after surgery, chugged his milk, and I wondered if he could tell that he didn’t have a plastic disc in his tummy anymore.

Today the Happy Hubby and I let out a whoop and high-fived each other in the car as we drove our tube-free child home.

Today was a victory.

I have been digging deep into the Psalms throughout this whole season with the Happy Baby.

I came across a verse that gave me hope in the darkest moments…

“We will shout for joy when you are victorious and will lift up our banners in the name of our God.  May the Lord grant all your requests.” Psalm 20:5

I have loved this verse because the people in this psalm, before their king went to battle, felt sure of their victory.  So sure that they began to rejoice beforehand.

It was not if you are victorious, but when.

The Lord impressed on my heart that this is the life for the believer.

The victory is ours through the powerful work of Christ’s death on the cross and His glorious resurrection, ensuring our salvation forever and ever.

We can rejoice over the defeated enemy – raising our banners triumphantly – no matter what.

When the Happy Baby was in the hospital for so long and when he got his little feeding tube, I did not have to be depressed or despairing over the battles we were fighting, because in my heart, I knew that the battle had already been won.

Did I walk in that truth every day?  Oh, friends, I wish I could say a mighty YES!  But my flesh is weak, and there were so sooo many days where I shook my fist at God or cried myself to sleep under the burden of our baby’s health issues.

However, when the morning came, I could always press on.  He always gave me the strength to keep on keeping on, under the umbrella of His marvelous hope.

Hope that, come what may, the Lord would be strong and mighty, mighty in battle (Psalm 24:8).

And then last week I rushed the Happy Baby to the GI doc because I thought the site of his feeding tube had become infected, and instead of leaving with a prescription for yet another round of antibiotics, I left with a date.

A date that would set in stone the victory we knew would come, but were unsure of when.

I raised my victory banner as I pushed the stroller to the parking lot that day, but I also raised my victory banner in the doctor’s office as I waited.

I repeated this verse over the Happy Baby again and again until I felt confident that even if the Happy Baby had an infection (or a genetic disease, or severe bronchitis, or hypotonia…), I could still embrace the victory.

The victory that we have in Christ.

This is a victory to be thankful for.

And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here is a round-up of banners you can raise in your own Happy Homes this week (quite literally, as they are all FREE Printables). :-)

Click Image for Idea

Thankful Banner from Shanty 2 Chic.

Click Image for Idea

Blessed Banner from Sugar Tot Designs.

Click Image for Idea

Gratitude Banner (you can write what you are thankful for on each little pennant) from Today’s Mama.

Click Image for Idea

Because victory is sweet, a Mini Happy Thanksgiving Banner for your feast’s dessert from Kara’s Party Ideas.

Click Image for Idea

Gather Together and Give Thanks Banner from eighteen25 (because we raise our banners together – as The Church).

Now, as a child of the King who has already won the battle, what victory do you celebrate this Thanksgiving?

Happy Raise Your Banner-ing! :-)

“Your right hand, O Lord, was majestic in power.  Your right hand, O Lord, shattered the enemy.” Exodus 15:6

*Check Facebook for photos of our Happy Baby Tube-Removal Victory today!*

The Thankful Tree and the Best. News. Ever.

I found some glittery paper leaf cut-outs in the Target Dollar Spot a few weeks ago.

We decided to write what we’re thankful for on them and then hang them on a tree.

The Happy Baby even wrote what he is grateful for…

(He’s so advanced he actually used a complete sentence.) :-)

This Thanksgiving the Happy Baby will be feeding tube free.

Isn’t that the best Thanksgiving gift ever?

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  His love endures forever.” Psalm 136:1


Happy Thankful Tree-ing!