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sweetest bird crafts for spring at happyhomefairy.comWalking outdoors during the months of spring means being surrounded by a choir of the loveliest sounds.

Most of which are birds – singing sweet melodies of gratitude because they’re so happy for the warmer weather. :-)

I just adore those cheerful, chirping creatures and wanted to do a post about them.

You’re going to flap your wings with excitement at these great ideas!

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A simple lunch bag can be transformed into a bird’s nest!

Fly over to Creative Preschool Resources for the how-to.

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If you’re like me, you have leftover Easter eggs coming out your ears.

eighteen25 uses them to make adorable little Easter Egg Birds.

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I love this little Paper Plate Bird’s Nest from Refined Metals Academy.

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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, you can have your Happy Buddies make this precious Handprint Bird from The Craft Nest for Grandma.

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Happy Hooligans has the instructions on these happy Paper Plate Birds.

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If you happen to have a plethora of cute scrapbook paper hanging around your Happy Home, then these Paper Birds from Spoonful are for you.

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And, finally, you know how much I love a good tp tube craft!

Thanks to Crafts by Amanda, you can make these awesome Cardboard Tube Birds.

And now for a bird joke.

Q. What do you give a sick bird?

A. Tweet-ment.


Happy Bird Craft-ing!

Paper Plate Crafts for Spring

paper plate crafts for spring - so cute and easy! happyhomefairy.comI ALWAYS have paper plates hanging around this Happy Home because I don’t like doing dishes! :-)

Plus, they make excellent little crafts.

With the season of spring upon us, I rounded-up 8 of the easiest Paper Plate Crafts that celebrate this time of year.


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Giggleberry Creations featured this unbelievably adorable Paper Plate Snail.  I love all those colorful tissue paper squares!

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What kid doesn’t like Do-A-Dot Art?

Let them go nuts on a paper plate to make the wings for this lovely Paper Plate Butterfly from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.

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I couldn’t find a link for these Paper Plate Bees, but man, I thought they were too cute not to share!

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I think crafts with giant eyes are so fun.

Check out these giant-eyed Paper Plate Lady Bugs from DLTK.

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Those little dots in the center of these Paper Plate Flowers are made from a pencil eraser.

See all the fun over at Mommy Minutes.

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We’ve been getting quite a bit of rain here this month!

I think these Paper Plate Umbrellas from Creative Family Fun would be very appropriate to make.

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What a happy little Paper Plate Frog from The Mommy Playbook!

Lovin’ that the frog’s hands (feet?) are made using your Happy Buddy’s handprints.

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And, finally, this one’s my favorite!

After the dreary, bleak winter months, I cannot think of a better craft than this to cheer things up in your Happy Home!

Pop over to A Little Delightful to see these uplifting Paper Plate Sunshines.

Pick one to do this weekend!

Happy Spring Paper Plate Craft-ing! :-)

Scrumptious Desserts for Spring

spring dessertsI would imagine that many of you are trying to put together a little Easter dinner menu right about now.

Allow me to give you some dessert suggestions that will have your guests absolutely begging you for more!

Each recipe is just perfect for spring and so easy to make.

You’re welcome. :-)

IMG_0675Sunshine Cake

IMG_7839Angel Food Cake Strawberry Trifle

IMG_7387Banana Bread Pudding Trifle

IMG_1020Lemon Cheese Bars

I promise not one of these recipes will let you down!

Happy Scrumptious Desserts for Spring-ing! :-)

Ding Dong DOORMAT Ditch

doormat ditch 3

Y’all know I am a fan of Ding Dong Ditching!

Last year we Ding Dong Ditched some diapers to a sweet friend of ours who had just had a baby (you can read more about that HERE).

This year, with spring starting, we felt it was the right time to do another Ding Dong Ditch to make someone’s day.

In our neighborhood, there is a woman several doors down from us who lost her husband a few years ago.

When the Happy Buddy and Happy Baby and I go on walks, I’ve noticed that she does not have a doormat.

With all those April Showers coming, we figured a new doormat was a necessity!

Instead of just giving her one, we thought, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a new doormat just magically appeared on her doorstep??”

So that is what we did!

I picked up a new doormat at Home Depot for about 10 bucks.

doormat ditchThen we wrote her a little note.

doormat ditch 2We headed down the street, quietly snuck up to her door, set the doormat and note down, and raced off!

We’re praying it will be a happy springtime blessing whenever she comes home.

Happy Ding Dong Doormat Ditch-ing! :-)

Berry Sweet Ideas for May

The Happy Buddy and I were at the grocery store yesterday and as we were walking through the produce section, I almost got knocked over by the sweet smell of strawberries.

I grabbed 5 cartons of those beautiful, fat, juicy red fruits and then felt inspired to do a post featuring all things strawberry!

Here are the berry best ideas I found…

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With Teacher Appreciation Week starting on Monday, here is one more super cute FREE Printable and idea from eighteen25 using some fresh picked items from Bath and Body Works.

Psst!  This FREE Printable also has a version for moms for Mother’s Day!

Click Image for Idea

Speaking of Mother’s Day, here is a precious Strawberry Mother’s Day Card from All Kids Network that uses your Happy Buddy’s fingerprints as the strawberry seeds.

Click Image for Idea

Or transform your Happy Buddy’s handprint into a strawberry like this one from Meet the Dubiens.

Click Image for Idea

I love this Scented Button Strawberry from itmom because once you have painted the strawberry on white cardstock, you get to sprinkle strawberry Jell-O or Kool Aid powder on top!  Yum!

Click Image for Idea

This clever Strawberry Necklace from Parents is made from a WALNUT (how cool is that?!) and just two other supplies.

Click Image for Idea

Surprise your Happy Buddies after school this month with these cute Strawberry Mice Snacks from Family Fun.

Click Image for Idea


Have you ever tasted a Strawberry Pretzel Salad?

I made this a few months ago for our MOMs group at church and I had a flood of emails practically before the meeting was over begging me for the recipe (you can find it HERE)!

This is the perfect thing to carry to a Spring picnic or Summer BBQ.

OR check out this DELICIOUS Strawberry Trifle Recipe that  I made for my mom last Mother’s Day, as well as this addictive Strawberry Salad Recipe.

Thanks for PICKING Happy Home Fairy as one of the blogs you read! :-)

I think y’all are BERRY sweet.

Happy Strawberry Idea-ing!