Recipe – Oklahoma Dip

delicious and really easy Oklahoma Dip at - perfect for New Year's Eve!I do not know why it’s called Oklahoma Dip but I do know that this dip is my mom’s latest most-requested recipe!

I thought if you were looking for a quick something to whip up for New Year’s Eve that this would be the answer.

It’s super easy to make and a real crowd pleaser!


1 lb sausage (my dad likes some heat, so my mom uses the spicy sausage, but the mild one would work fine, too)

2 lbs ground beef or ground sirloin

1 medium onion

2 lbs Velveeta (the original flavor), cut into chunks

8 oz Cheddar cheese, shredded

2 cans Rotel tomatoes


Step 1 – Brown the sausage, beef, and onion together.  Drain.

Step 2 – Add Velveeeta, cheese, and tomatoes.  Cook until the cheese is melted.

Step 3 – Serve in a crock pot to keep it warm and gooey.

delicious Oklahoma Dip at - perfect for New Year's Eve!

Don’t forget the chips for dipping!

Happy Oklahoma Dip-ing! :-)

*Need another amazing appetizer for your New Year’s Eve party?  These Meatballs of Wonder are to die for!*

Because It’s All About the Clock

It wouldn’t be a celebration without the clock leading us to the New Year!

Here are some fun ways to party with the tick-tock. :-)

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Make a plate of cookies decorated and positioned in the shape of a clock like Phillips Family.

This can easily be done with cupcakes too!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Inspired By Family Magazine has a FREE Printable clock for you to use and attach to balloons filled with activity suggestions to be opened each hour leading up to midnight.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

The Idea Room shares a fun Clock Game to play on New Year’s Eve that all ages will enjoy!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Make an easy peasy Paper Plate Clock Craft with the directions found HERE.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

This is a popular way to celebrate New Year’s Eve that I have shared for the last several years – Countdown Bags.

Fill up several bags with activity suggestions or fun fillers (you can find a great list of suggestions HERE) and open one each hour leading up to the big 12.

You can find a great FREE Clock Printable (updated for 2013) for your bags over at The Idea Room.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Everyone can get glamorous in these inexpensive and easy-to-make Clock Party Hats from Reading Confetti (with a FREE Printable!).

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, this is my favorite idea!

I just adore this super clever FREE Printable from Infarrantly Creative that you can add to a small box of Tic Tacs.

With the ideas your Happy Home is sure to have ‘around the clock’ fun!

Happy Clock-ing! :-)

Have a Ball This New Year’s Eve

I am going to be for real here…  The Happy Hubs and I are not huge celebrators of New Year’s.

We joke that we’re a couple of old people because our buns are in bed on the 31st usually before ten!

With that said, however, I am quite fond of that giant, sparkly ball that drops in Times Square (even though I don’t usually get to see it because I am sleeping).

So here are some fun ideas that will help your Happy Home have a ball this New Year’s Eve (if you can make it to midnight!).

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

These Ball Drop Cupcakes from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen are quite festive.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Grab a few styrofoam balls and some leftover Christmas supplies (like a bunch of silver ribbons or silver tinsel) and with a little glue you will suddenly have several shimmering New Year’s Eve Balls to enjoy!

Check out Blue Skies Ahead for the how-to.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Looking for something fun to give the Happy Buddies while you’re waiting for midnight?

These Surprise Balls from Little Wonders’ Days are just the thing!  Go HERE to find out how all that stuff in the photo gets wrapped up in a magical surprise-revealing ball of crepe paper!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

This Sparkly Sequined Ornament from Kaboose is a great craft for older Happy Buddies to do – not to mention the added bonus of it being a pretty-little something to hang on the tree before the night’s over.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

This Times Square Cheese Ball from Spoonful looks so delicious and is really easy to make – what a party show-stopper!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

I love a good craft with a paper plate.

Unintentional SAHM simply threw some glitter down on one with her Happy Buddy to make these glistening New Year’s Eve Paper Plate Balls.  Add a wooden skewer and you are done!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, I love making these awesome New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Crafts every year!

You can grab the FREE Printable template and instructions right here at Happy Home Fairy.

However you celebrate (eyes open or closed) I hope that 2013 drops into your lap with a ball of fun!

Happy New Year’s Eve Time Square Ball-ing! :-)

Fun New Year’s Eve Traditions

No need to be sad that Christmas is over.

New Years Eve is on its way!!!

Here are a few simple ideas that you can incorporate into your New Year’s Eve plans year after year…

Click Image for Idea

First things first.

Let’s consider how we can help others have a fabulous New Year’s.

Dandee Designs made this thoughtful New Year’s Party In a Box to give as a little surprise gift for neighbors and friends.

Two mini bottles of sparkling cider, a package of confetti and some noisemakers all wrapped up in a cute package is sure to bless someone in your Happy Home’s world.

She even has a FREE Printable tag for you to use – go HERE to get it!

Click Image for Idea

Speaking of FREE Printables…

Thirty Handmade Days has an AMAZING New Year’s Resolutions Printable for your Happy Buddies to fill out.

What a great way inspire your Happy Home’s toward goal setting and thinking positively about the year to come.

Plus, slip it into a binder and you can treasure them year after year!

(Get the updated 2013 version HERE.)

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Here is a similar printable from The Dating Divas for you to do on a New Year’s Eve date night with your Happy Hubby.

This thoughtful and sweet reflection on the year with your spouse reminds me of the Happy Hubby’s and my annual Anniversary Tradition!

Click Image for Idea

How about putting together a little Family Time Capsule like Kellicrowe?

All year long her family drops simple little tidbits from their every day life into a decorated jar (ticket stubs, notes, wishbones, etc.).

At the end of the year they can look back on all the goodies and celebrate a year full of fun!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

How fun is this DIY Balloon Drop from Been There, Pinned That?!

Click Image for Idea

Sit down on New Year’s Eve and make some Wish Boxes!

Read more about this idea HERE.

Click Image for Idea

 Hip Hip Hooray! has a great New Year’s Bingo Game Printable to help pass the time.

Click Image for Idea

Since you’re staying up so late, your Happy Buddies are going to need lots of sugar to keep them going. :-)

Here’s a delicious little activity to give your sleepy buddies a jump-start!

Edible Party Horns by Cooking with My Kid!

Click Image for Idea

These simple Midnight Snacks from No Fuss Fabulous will also be a sweet little treat for your Happy Home’s New Year’s celebration.

All you need is a CD sleeve, a cookie, and a FREE Printable tag found HERE.

Click Image for Idea

I posted about these Countdown Bags last year, but my bags look absolutely LAME-O compared to these AMAZING ones from The Idea Room.

The idea is to take some bags, fill them with an activity or treat or craft for each hour leading up to midnight.

Amy even provided a FREE Printable Clock Template for you to make your own bags (which you can get HERE).

I have a great list of magical things for your bags HERE, but maybe the ideas in this post will also help fill your bags!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

I love this idea for couples from Souls Never Wrinkle.

Write each other a letter on New Year’s Eve and place in a jar to be opened on the next New Year’s Eve!  What a fun surprise to look forward to each year.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, when all of the New Year’s Eve Fun is over and the morning dawns (a little too early!), start the New Year off right with these fun First-Meal Flapjacks from Spoonful.

Happy New Year’s Tradition-ing! :-)

New Year’s Eve Craft

This is a fun and easy craft I used to do with my 2nd graders at the beginning of the New Year.

Simply print the FREE Printables (see link at bottom of post), color, add glitter, cut out and glue the 4 pieces together.

To make it sturdier, glue the entire project to a large colorful sheet of construction paper.

Here’s an idea of what your FREE Printable will look like…

Click HERE for your FREE Printable New Year’s Craft!

Your Happy Buddies will love counting down to the new year with this simple project.

Happy New Year’s Craft-ing! :-)

4 Ways to Make Noise for the New Year!

I was a very active child (just ask my dad –  he will probably tell you that I am the reason for his grey hair) and I loved to make noise.  New Year’s Eve was a great time to be LOUD.

So, let your Happy  Buddies ring in the New Year (seriously, your ears will be ringing) with one of these great ideas…

Click Image for Photo Credit

1.  Pots and Pans – Best memories I have of New Year’s Eve are the ones when my parents would not only let my brothers and I stay up until midnight, but also they would let us run around outside our house banging pots and pans.

I loved the freedom of being allowed to go bananas. :-)

Just pull some pots and pans from your cupboards, set your kids up with spatulas or wooden spoons, and as soon as the clock strikes 12, head outside and bang away.  Don’t forget to shout, “Happy New Year!” to all the people you wake up. :-)

Click Image for Idea

2.  Balloon POP – If you’re not afraid of the sound of popping balloons (the Happy Hubby is not a fan), then this is a great idea for your Happy Home.

How Does She? is blowing up balloons and labeling them with each hour leading up to the final moment.

As each hour strikes, the Happy Buddies can take down the corresponding balloon, pop it, and find an activity inside.

Go HERE to read all about this fantastic fun, including a great list of creative activities to include in your balloons. :-)

Or, use a funnel to pour confetti (make your own confetti by recycling all those paper holes from the hole-puncher) into a deflated balloon.  Blow the balloons up and have them floating around until the clock strikes 12 when the kids can try sitting on them to bust out some noise.

Instead of activities or confetti, you could also fill the balloons with money (wootwoot!), homemade coupons (good for 30 extra minutes before bed, etc.), or even an encouraging note from you. :-)

Click Image for Idea

3.  Homemade Noisemakers – Make your own noisemakers by pouring a handful of beans, rice, buttons, or beads, into an empty water bottle (or paper plate).  Glue the cap on so that when midnight hits there won’t be an unexpected shower of beans – or I guess that could also be a lot of fun. :-)  Have your Happy Buddies decorate their shakers with stickers or construction paper.

Click the image above for directions on how to make these adorable water bottle noisemakers from Kaboose.

Click Image for Photo Credit

4.  Bubble Wrap Stomp – Grab some bubble wrap (make sure it’s the kind with the BIG bubbles) from your local packaging supply store for some real New Year’s noise.  Lay it out on your driveway or other indoor hard surface.

When the clock strikes 12, have everyone stomp on the bubble wrap.  You will not even believe how much fun is is to stomp on the Stomp Floor.

Happy New Year Noise-Making! :-)

A Happy Home New Year’s Interview

I just stumbled upon a super AMAZINGLY fabulous New Year’s family tradition over at Paint In My Hair.

This magical mom interviews her kids every year using questions like…

What is your favorite…

  • Cereal
  • Vegetable
  • Drink
  • Toy
  • TV show
  • Thing to do
  • Game
  • Book
  • Restaurant
  • etc.

She types up the interview and then leaves a little box for her Happy Buddies to color a picture.  Finally she slips the interviews into a folder for her Happy Home to return to each New Year’s and read previous responses.

If you visit her blog you will see a sample that her daughter did a few years ago- totally cute!

How fun is that?!  I think it would be so fun to see how much the Happy Buddies have grown and changed over the years with this simple idea.  When my Happy Buddy turned one last July, I did something similar for his birthday.  Such a great record of their ever-changing little lives!

I was so inspired by Lisa’s post that I drew up an interview for you to print and do with your Happy Buddies this week as we start 2011!  Print it out and get your kids to answer all the questions (you can even make a big deal about the interview process – grab your karaoke microphone and sit at a table with cups of hot cocoa.  Say you’re Barbara Walters. :-)).

Click the link below for your printable New Year’s  Interview!

New Year’s Interview with the Happy Buddies!!

P.S. Go ahead and do one for the Happy Hubby, too.  Why not??? :-)

Happy New Year’s Interviewing! :-)