FREE Printable Easter Treat Tag

FREE Printable Easter Treat Tag at Happy Home Fairy!!!.jpgSo I found THIS PIN and I was like, “Oh, this is so happening.”

I called our church’s children’s ministry director and asked her if she wanted a little gift idea to give all of her amazing volunteers on Resurrection Sunday.

She said yes and boom.

I present you with the cutest Easter treat ever!

You will need some Rolos candy, the FREE Printable tag at the bottom of this post, some Ziploc snack bags, a hole punch, and some yarn.FREE Printable Easter Treat Tag at Happy Home Fairy - so cute.jpgFREE Printable Easter Treat Tag at Happy Home Fairy.jpg

 Put together a few bags and add them to your Happy Buddy’s Easter basket.

Or surprise a neighbor!

Or a teacher.

Or the mailman.

I think chocolate and the Good News of Easter go pretty well together, don’t you? :-)

Click HERE for your FREE Printable Easter Treat Tag

Happy The Stone Was ROLO-ed Away-ing!

NoBUNNY Loves You Like Jesus – FREE Printable!

adorable free printable from happy home fairy!.jpg

If you are participating in The Joy Journey, Day 3 features the idea to bring someone a chocolate bunny with an inspiring note.

Well, I have a FREE Printable for you today to accomplish this task! :-)adorable free printable from happy home fairy.jpgadorable free printable from happy home fairy3.jpg

adorable free printable from happy home fairy1.jpg

The Happy Buddy will be delivering these yummy bunnies to his teachers tomorrow.

We think it will make them pretty ‘hoppy.’ :-)

Click HERE for your FREE Printable NoBUNNY Loves You Like Jesus Note!

Happy Chocolate Bunny-ing!

Advent Paper Chain Countdown – FREE Printable

advent paper chain 1Y’all know I am passionate about Advent Calendars.

And you know that I have a wonderful FREE Printable for you to countdown to Jesus’ birth using Christmas Scripture verses each day (find it HERE).

This year, however, I wanted to try something different.

advent chain1I created a cute FREE Printable of a fun poem to attach to a paper chain.

I found an amazing FREE Printable paper chain over at Spell Outloud that shares 25 names of Jesus – one for each day of December.  I printed it out on red and green paper.

I am especially clinging to His names of Prince of Peace and Good Shepherd this season.  How lovely to spend the days leading up to our Lord’s birthday dwelling on who He is.

On all that God gifted to us through His son’s coming.

We made one for each of my 2-year-olds to take home and do with their families.  I posted about it on Instagram and someone emailed me and asked if I would share the tag I used here on the blog.

advent paper chain**Click HERE for your FREE Printable Christmas Paper Chain Countdown Poem**

It’s not too late to start counting down.

Happy Paper Chain Countdown-ing! :-)

To a Special Mum – FREE Printable!

This is SOOO adorable! Buy a mum (just a few bucks at Lowe's), attach adorable free printable tag and give to a mom in your world who you would like to bless!

As a mom, I am constantly thinking about how much I NEED my mom friends.

I called one up this afternoon and we each took a minute to share the day’s trials (like how one child has now decided that taking off his diaper and painting a carpeted room with his poo is perfectly acceptable and other child is having some trouble in school) and simply lament together how hard this whole mom thing is!

It was completely therapeutic.  She oohed and ahhed over just the right things and she affirmed me with these 5 powerful words:

“You are an awesome mom.”

By the end of the conversation I wanted to reach through to the other side of the phone and give my friend a giant hug.

Doesn’t it feel good to hear that little bit of encouragement when you are in the mommyhood trenches?

Doesn’t it feel good to be noticed?

Well, here is an easy way to give the gift of hope and life to a mom in your world who is roughing it with poo and meal-planning and budgeting and diapering.

mum 2First, pick up an inexpensive mum plant.

You can find adorable little pots at Lowe’s for just a few dollars.MUM TAG

mum 1Then attach my FREE Printable tag.

Next, drop it off on a mom’s doorstep for an extra special Fall-themed surprise.

And that’s all there is to it!

mumI gave a mum to my very own mom – who definitely deserves affirmation for being super special (note homemade fort in the background, courtesy of super special mom).

**Get your FREE Printable MUM Tag HERE!**

Happy Special Mum-ing! :-)

The Gospel Pumpkin – FREE Printable!

The Gospel Pumpkin! A super cute way to share the Good News with your kids or students. There is even an adorable FREE Printable poem to go along with it!

I wanted to share The Gospel Pumpkin with my precious, little 2-year-olds, but knew that actually carving a pumpkin during class was going to take way too long for their minuscule attention spans.

So I turned to the wonders of sticky foam!

The Gospel Pumpkin_0001I created a cute printable featuring The Gospel Pumpkin poem.

The Gospel Pumpkin 9Then I cut out the coordinating symbols from sticky foam.

The Gospel Pumpkin 2The Gospel Pumpkin 3The Gospel Pumpkin 4The Gospel Pumpkin 5The Gospel Pumpkin 6I gathered my students on the carpet and read the poem aloud, stopping to show them each symbol.

I let them each have a turn coming up to help stick the symbols on to the pumpkin.

The Gospel Pumpkin 7The kids really enjoyed learning about Christ in this way and they LOVED getting to participate!

The Gospel Pumpkin 8What a sweet way to share God’s special message to us during this season.

**HERE** is the FREE Printable if you’d like to do this with your own classroom or Happy Home.

The Gospel Pumpkin 1Happy Gospel Pumpkin-ing! :-)

A Fall Checklist – FREE Printable!

October is my favorite month.

South Florida living is not very conducive to enjoying a genuine autumn experience, so I have to be super intentional about creating fall in our Happy Home.

A few year’s ago I made a little checklist to help keep our family on track.

You’ll find all of your favorite fall activities on this list (I think mine would have to be going to the pumpkin patch – hopefully this year’s trek will prove to be more successful than last year’s).

I hope you will print one off for your own Happy Home to check off together.

Click Image for Printable!

Some of the great ideas you’ll find on your FREE Printable Fall Checklist are…

Don’t you just feel fall-ish after reading that? :-)

**Get your FREE Printable Fall Checklist HERE.**

I’d love to hear how your Happy Home enjoys this beautiful season!

Happy Fall Checklist-ing! :-)

*You will find all of my other great ideas and printables for Fall HERE.*

EASY Back to School Gift Idea – FREE Printable!

super cute and super easy (CHEAP) back to school gift idea for teachers, classmates, administration, etc.There are SO MANY adorable Back to School FREE Printables out there – EXHIBIT A.

But I had to add one of my own to the mix!!

Head on over to the Dollar Tree, my friends, and grab a bag of chocolate Riesen candies.back to school printable2

Then attach my FREE Printable tag and you are good to go.

back to school printableI may or may not have made 50+ of these babies for the first day of school and snuck them into everyone’s mailboxes in the teacher’s lounge. :-)

Get your FREE Printable Back to School Gift Tag HERE.

Happy Back to School Gift Idea-ing! :-)

Back to School Supply Scavenger Hunt – FREE Printable!

If you have even stepped two feet outside of your Happy Home, you know that the stores are overflowing with Back to School Supplies.

Does anyone else get a thrill out of a brand new box of crayons?? :-)

Last year I bought 75 boxes for 40 cents each at Wal-Mart.

I am not even kidding about that.

Here is a fun way to treat your Happy Buddies to their school supplies this year – give them a School Supply Scavenger Hunt!

It’s super easy.

Just purchase the basics – crayons, markers, pencils, notebooks, paper, scissors, glue, and a ruler.

Then use my FREE Printable Scavenger Hunt Cards to hide the supplies around your Happy Home!

Your Happy Buddies will just love racing from one rhyming clue to the next, filling their backpacks with the things that they will need for the new school year.

Here’s a peak at what your FREE Printable School Supply Scavenger Hunt Cards look like…

Click HERE for your FREE Printable School Supply Scavenger Hunt!


Want to use this School Supply Scavenger Hunt AND get your Happy Buddies thinking about others??

Simply put a double of each school supply at each of the Scavenger Hunt locations.

Then hand your Happy Buddy another backpack and tell him that he is going on a hunt not only for his own supplies, but for the supplies of a child less fortunate.

Finally, have your Happy Buddy donate the backpack to a local charity or organization that is having a Back to School Supply Drive – our church is donating backpacks and school supplies right now to 4 Kids of South Florida.

I think some Staples locations are hosting School Supply Drives as well.


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Happy School Supply Scavenger Hunt-ing! :-)

End of Year Gift Idea – FREE Printable!

Flip Flop End of the Year Gift Idea - soooo cute!  Who doesn't love getting a new pair of flip flops?!

Anyone else love a good pair of flip flops?

I know I do.

Can’t have enough of ‘em!

flip flops1For our last MOM meeting at our church, we thought we’d splurge and get each precious mommy in attendance a pair of Old Navy flip flops to help them get ready for the summer season.

flip flopsI was able to get the Old Navy flip flops for $2.50 each – a total steal.

Their flip flops are really great quality – amen???

flip flops4With the addition of a cute tag – we thought they turned out super fun.

These would make excellent and inexpensive gifts for your child’s teacher, your mommy friends, your daughter’s girlfriends, the gal who drives the bus, your pastor’s wife…  Anyone!

You could even add a gift card for a pedicure if you want to glam it up a notch. :-)

Click HERE for your FREE Printable Flip Flop Tagsflip flops2

Happy End of the Year Gift-ing! :-)

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Easy Mother’s Day Gift Idea – FREE Printable!

easy mother's day gift idea at - so cute! free printable!!!

It’s my job every year to put together Mother’s Day favors for the moms that attend our church.

I have a budget of $1 or less per mommy… This is no easy task, people.

I spend A LOT of time scouring the dollar sections of various stores – if you ever see someone’s hiney poking out of a dollar bin, it’s probably mine!  I’ve found the deeper you dig, the more treasure you find. :-)

With that said…

Have you seen the new bright-colored pocket hand sanitizers at Bath and Body Works?!

Just look at this adorable line-up…

mother's day printable1You can get 5 for $5, so I knew immediately this was the answer.

Add a cute tag and BOOM.

mother's day printable3Super-easy-budget-friendly-make-mom-happy Mother’s Day Gifts.

And they’re inspirational, too!

Proverbs 31:31 went PERFECT with our theme of pampering a mom’s hard-working hands.

mother's day printable2

If you want to make some of these adorable little favors for the all of the moms in your world, you can click the link below for the FREE Printable tags.

Print on card stock and attach the hand sanitizer with a glue dot.

Click HERE for the FREE Printable Mother’s Day Tag

Happy Mother’s Day Gift-ing! :-)

*Note – If you are a reading this and you are a member of my church, please pretend to be super surprised and delighted by your Mother’s Day prize on Sunday (wink!).*