End of Year Party Game

pin the head on the teacher - end of year party gameA few weeks ago we celebrated Happy Buddy’s last day of preschool with a big party and I was asked to bring a game. This is what we came up with…

Pin the Head on the Teacher!

For this project, I picked up a piece of poster board and printed some large photos of the Happy Buddy’s teacher’s head as well as a large photo of her body. pin the head on the teacher - end of year party game.Lol, can I just say that it creates a lot of mystery and a little bit of awkwardness when you ask someone if you can take a picture of their body??? pin the head on the teacherpin the head on the teacher 2pin the head on the teacher 3The Happy Buddy’s classmates loved the game and I loved seeing all these little people so excited about graduating preschool together.

If you’re still hanging on for the last day of school, I hope this idea comes in handy!  Otherwise, ‘pin’ it for next year!

Happy End of Year Party Game-ing! :-)

End of Year Teacher Gift – Book of Memories (FREE Printable)

end of year teacher gift - book of memories! free printable included! this would be easy to do and the teachers will love it!

I always like to find meaningful ways to honor my kids’ teachers at the end of the year.

They are worth it.

**This idea comes from the lovely LeAna at A Small Snippet.**

I drew up a simple questionnaire (FREE Printable at bottom of post), printed them, placed them in large manila envelopes, and sent them home to all of the parents of the students in Happy Buddy’s class asking if they could fill it out with their kids as well as add a small photo of their child before returning it.

The responses we got were so adorable!

memory book for teachersmemory book for teachers 4memory book for teachers 2memory book for teachers 3

I am so proud that my son’s fondest moment from class this year involved him using potty words (which, if you’re wondering, are ‘poop’, and ‘butt’) with a friend on the carpet.

He is clearly very serious about his education.

As a teacher myself, getting a keepsake like this is one of the best parts about being an educator!  You get a little peek into the way God used you in your student’s hearts that year.

A very rewarding feeling, indeed.

end of year book of memories for the teacher - so perfect!

Once everyone returned their filled out forms, I slipped them into some sheet protectors, created a collage of photos on PicMonkey for the cover design, and put everything into a binder.

I hope that Happy Buddy’s teachers will enjoy looking back through this book in the years to come.

And maybe YOUR child’s teachers will enjoy it too!

Here is the FREE Printable…

teacher questionnaire printable at happyhomefairy.com**Click HERE for your FREE Printable Teacher Memory Book Student Questionnaire**

Happy End of Year Teacher Gift-ing! :-)

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End of Year Gift for Classmates – FREE Printable

easy and inexpensive end of year classmate gift! love this!

Things have been so crazy busy around here lately!  I feel like my family and I are kind of snowballing our way toward the finish line.  I heard someone recently say that May is like the new December but without all the yummy sugar cookies, happy carols, and twinkly decorations to keep you from losing your mind.

With that said, this is our last week of school and I have been working on several different fun ideas and FREE Printables for you!

The Happy Buddy’s class is having their big End-of-Year Party this afternoon and I thought it would be nice to give all of his friends a little gift.

Last year we handed out inexpensive Frisbees with a cute FREE Printable to all his classmates (you can find that idea HERE).

This year I found a bunch of cute, brightly colored jump ropes in the dollar bins at Target and added a happy little saying to complete the gift.

Would you like to use this idea too?

Grab some jump ropes, attach the FREE Printable tag (download at end of post) and you have yourself one super adorable and summer useful gift!end of year gift for classmates! SO ADORABLE.easy and inexpensive free printable end of year student gift ideaend of year gift for classmates! SO ADORABLE. Free Printable

*Click HERE for FREE Printable Jump Rope Gift Tag*

Happy End of Year Classmate Gift-ing! :-)

Easy End of Year Teacher Gift – FREE Printable!

end of year teacher gift - $3.99 BAM.jpg

 I recently asked my Facebook fans what their favorite, affordable mascara was.

This Maybelline mascara was by far the most mentioned!

And it is only $3.99!!!!

As I pondered an easy and inexpensive End of Year Teacher Gift, I thought who doesn’t love getting new make-up?

end of year teacher gift - $3.99 BAM!.jpgend of year teacher gift - $3.99 BAM!!.jpgSo I put together this little card with a silly pun and bought new Maybelline mascaras for all the boys’ teachers.


**Click HERE for your FREE Printable End of Year Teacher Gift Tag**

Happy End of Year Teacher Gift-ing!

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Easy End of Year Student Gift – FREE Printable!

easy end of year student gift - FREE Printable! love this so much!.jpg

We thought it would be fun for the Happy Buddy to hand out a little gift to all his preschool friends before everyone splits for the summer.

frisbee end of year student gift!.jpgfrisbee end of year student gift!!.jpg

I found a bunch of these bright-colored Frisbees in the Target Dollar Spot.

Slap on the FREE Printable tag (see below) and you’re all set.

frisbee end of year student gift!!!.jpg

Last day is Friday!

**Click HERE for your FREE Printable End of Year Student Gift Tag**

Happy End of Year Student Gift-ing! :-)

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Candy Gram for the Graduate

Our pastor’s daughter graduated from high school last night!

We are all so proud of her and the beautiful, godly, radiant young woman she has become.

While she was out walking down the aisle in her cap and gown, we thought she might appreciate a little surprise waiting at her front door when she got home.candy gram for graduate - so cute and fun!

I got all of my candy, the poster board, and some double-sided tape at Walgreen’s.

Do you know any graduates that might like a Candy Gram?

Happy Candy Gram for the Graduate-ing! :-)

Gift Card Bouquet for the Teacher

Gift Card Bouquet for the Teacher at happyhomefairy.com

I saw this idea over at Family Fun a few years ago and have always had the itch to make one myself!

As I mentioned HERE, teachers really love getting gift cards more than anything else (especially more than crayon monograms or mugs).  If you don’t believe me, you should check out THIS POST – it’s pretty hilarious. :-)

teacher gift3I emailed all of the mommies in the Happy Buddy’s preschool class and asked if they could send in 2 gift cards of any amount (1 for the teacher and 1 for the teacher’s assistant.  They happen to be a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law duo so they share the same name!).  I gave them some suggestions of our teachers’ favorite places – restaurants, stores, etc. – in case they wanted to cater the gift cards to their personal tastes.

I also printed these cute flowers (from HERE – found under the May 2013 issue) and sent them home with the students to decorate.

teacher gift2Once the gift cards and flowers were returned, I set to work!

I painted 2 terra cotta pots that I picked up at JoAnn’s in a pretty blue.

After they dried, my super awesome friend who has a Silhouette machine helped me add the teachers’ names and some adorable little polka dots.  Good gracious, do any of y’all own a Silhouette machine???  Oh my word, my life has changed!!!

teacher gift4A little ribbon around the top of the pot was just what we needed for a little extra pop!

I stuck a styrofoam ball in the pot, drizzled hot glue on top and then covered it with leftover Easter grass.

teacher gift5For the flowers, I stuck them to lollipop sticks (cut to different lengths) and added the gift cards with tape.

teacher gift6I think that’s it!

It was really easy once I had all the pieces that I needed to put it together.teacher gift1

If you have time, this is a really great gift idea that is SURE to be a winner with your Happy Buddy’s teacher.

Happy Gift Card Bouquet-ing! :-)