Mealtime Magic – FREE Printable Conversation Cards for Family Dinner Fun

mealtime magic! free printable conversation cards to make family dinners fun at!! these are really adorable!!!With the start of 2013, maybe you resolved to have more family dinners together.

Having dinner together as a family isa great way to build strong family connections.

There are tons of studies showing that kids who regularly dine with their families have been associated with a lower risk of smoking, drinking, and using drugs. Β These children also have lower incidence of depressive symptoms as well as suicidal thoughts.

Another interesting little tidbit is that family dinners have been found to be more important than play, story time, and other family events in the development of vocabulary in young children.

(So I guess if you think your kid talks too much – then stop eating together {giggles}!)

Family dinners have even been noted to improve your child’s grades!

So cool, right?

Our children are much better off when we choose to be intentional about sitting down together.

But what if talking and sharing doesn’t come naturally once everyone is seated around the table?

Sometimes asking, “How was your day?” just isn’t enough and drawing information out of your Happy Buddies is like trying to convince them to eat their vegetables.

Today’s FREE Printable is going to vamp up your family dinners by providing a resource of Faith-Based Questions to inspire meaningful and exciting talk around the table with your Happy Home.

What you will get – 32 Conversation Cards (with 2 blank for you to add your own!) as well as a label to decorate a jar (I got my jar at Wal-Mart, but you could use a recycled spaghetti jar).

Questions like, “Which would be cooler – to be swept away in a chariot of fire like Elijah, or to be raised from the dead like Lazarus?” or a fun challenge like, “Jesus is the Good Shepherd and we are His sheep. Throughout your meal, if you want to say something, you must ‘Baaa’ like a sheep before you say the rest of what you need to say,”Β will have your Happy Home laughing together and keeping it real with uplifting conversation.

Most of the cards even have Bible verses that compliment the question or challenge to help your family grow in the knowledge of His Word.

Start the New Year right by resolving to spend meaningful time together as a Happy Home while sharing a meal.

Make it easy on yourself – click the link below for your FREE Printable Jar Label and Mealtime Magic Conversation Cards.

Mealtime Magic Labels and Cards FREE DOWNLOAD from Happy Home Fairy

May your family dinners be fruitful!

Happy Mealtime Magic-ing! :-)

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8 thoughts on “Mealtime Magic – FREE Printable Conversation Cards for Family Dinner Fun

  1. Julie, you read my mind! Just Friday night I was googling conversation cards that will work with preschoolers—I just LOVE yours. Thank you–as always !!

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