Easter Lunchbox Love Notes – FREE Printable!

I love sneaking little reminders of our Happy Home into the Happy Buddy’s lunchbox.

A special treat, a plastic egg filled with an Easter Bunny mini eraser, a love note…

Here is a set of 8 Easter Lunchbox Love Notes that I made using some cute holiday-themed stickers I had on hand.

You could totally slip one of these notes into 8 different plastic Easter eggs and hide them for a super encouraging Egg Hunt. :-)

For personal use only, please!Β  I pray they bless your Happy little Buddies!Click HERE for your FREE Printable Easter Lunchbox Love Notes!

Happy Easter Lunchbox Love Note-ing! :-)

8 thoughts on “Easter Lunchbox Love Notes – FREE Printable!

  1. Your printable love notes are my very favorite thing that I find to print online. Thank you for making these precious notes that I can use to uplift my family. I’m praying for you as your due date draws near. xxx

  2. I love you site! I just discovered it this Easter season, and I have really enjoyed using your super cute ideas with my boys! I used the lunchbox love notes on goody bags I made for my boys’ classes. They were perfect. I hope you don’t mind. I wrote about them in my blog and shared a link to your site and to the lunchbox love notes. I hope that’s okay.

    Once again, I love your site! It makes me happy! :)

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