Fun Ornaments to Make!

It’s always fun to pick out a new ornament for your Christmas tree each year.

But it’s even funner (yes, I said funner) to make your own ornaments!

Here are some fabulous homemade kid-friendly ornaments (all made using clear glass or plastic ball ornaments) that will have our whole Happy Home and even your tree saying, “WOW!”

Click Image for Instructions

A Little Learning for Two has her Happy Buddies write down their Wish Lists for Santa.

Then she preserves these precious keepsakes by slipping the list into a glass ball ornament.

When your Happy Buddy is old enough – not only will he have a collection of ornaments, but also he will think it’s hilarious to look back on the things he wished for each year.

Click Image for Instructions

Family Fun featured this super special Time Capsule Ornament.

Simply fill a glass (or plastic) ball ornament with a recent photo of your Happy Buddy, as well as some slips of paper with short, written memories from the year.

Way easier than scrapbooking! :-)

This could even be a great gift to give to grandparents each year.

Click Image for Instructions

When I was little, I couldn’t get enough of those Where’s Waldo books.

Happy Buddies love to search and find things!

This clever ornament from Craft Goodies begins as a clear plastic ornament, and then gets filled with miniature Christmas items and tiny plastic filler pellets.

Attach a note featuring a list of things for your Happy Buddy to find and you’ve got instant entertainment!

This would also make a great gift for your Happy Buddies’ friends.

Click Image for Instructions

I am not even kidding.

This is one of the raddest (yes, I said raddest) ornament ideas I have EVER seen.

It’s so magical I can’t even write about it – you have to check it out for yourself at Impress Your Kids.

Click Image for Instructions

Everyone loves a good handprint keepsake craft.

Now yours can be an ornament to treasure year after year!

Check out this adorable Snowman Handprint Ornament (yes, those little snowmen are made out of your Happy Buddy’s fingers!) from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

And if you want to slip an absolutely adorable printed poem into this ornament (the poem goes along with the snowmen handprint) – go HERE.

Merry Ornament-ing! :-)

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