Christmas Love Notes for the Happy Hubby

You may remember my Thanksgiving Love Notes for the Happy Hubby that were posted in November.

Well, those cards made so many hubbies happy that I thought I’d whip together some Love Notes for Christmas.

Some of the cards are super sweet, some are playfully “naughty” (**seriously, PLEASE don’t mistake these cards as cute little lunch box notes for your Happy Buddies, because, boy, you’d be hearing from your school’s principal!**), and some are just plain dripping with cheese.

But I am all about the cheese factor when it comes to romancing my man!  He may roll his eyes, but I know deep down he loves it. :-)

Cut out these eight cards and give your Happy Hubby one each day leading up to Christmas.

Hide these cards in his laptop case, the visor in his car, under his pillow at night, taped under the lid of the toilet seat, or one in his stocking each day… be creative and have a Merry Christmas with that man of your dreams!

Also, check out my post about  Happy Hubby Advent Activities – 10 days of creative ways you can show him some love as we get closer to Christmas.Click HERE for your FREE Printable Happy Hubby Christmas Love Notes!

Merry Christmas Love Note-ing! :-)

11 thoughts on “Christmas Love Notes for the Happy Hubby

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  2. Love love love it! I did the Thanksgiving ones and they were great…I was starting to create my own for Chrimstas..and then I saw this email! One less thing for me to think on…I thought today…God please keep this website active until I have kiddos! I do appreciate how much time and consideration you take out to help everyone else create happy homes…Thanks and Merry Christmas! I talk about this website like I know you…lol!

    • Ebony! You are precious! Thank you for your sweet comment. That totally made my day!!!! I am so happy that you enjoy this site. It blesses me to know that it’s making a difference for someone!!! Merry Christmas!!!

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