Mr. Fruit Head

My mom and dad are at a Family Reunion in New Jersey this week with all of my extended relatives!

I am wishing and wishing that our little Happy Home could have joined them, but the Happy Hubby and I were rockin’ and rollin’ at Vacation Bible School (more on that to come!).

The whole gang got together for a big barbeque/Minute to Win It party last night and my dad sent me a picture of one of the items on the menu…A Fruit Head!

How funny is that?!

I just love that marshmallow tooth and strawberry tongue!

You might want to round the eyebrows a smidge more so that your Fruit Head doesn’t look like its from the dark side, but what a fun centerpiece for your next summer cookout or 4th of July picnic!!

Happy Fruit Head-ing! :-)

4 thoughts on “Mr. Fruit Head

  1. That is a really cute idea – I agree though – it needs to look a little less sinister, but it is a great idea and a good job by whomever did it – must have taken a lot of time to do it…Wow!

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