Fun with Bubbles!

The Happy Buddy is OBSESSED with bubbles!

Bubbles have saved us from many a meltdown as they are the perfect tool of distraction.

Here are our FAVORITE bubbles.

Click Image to Buy

There are 5 bubble ports in the wand thing-y and let me just declare – when you blow into it, you won’t even believe how many bubbles come pouring out!  AND it happens to be on sale right now at Gymboree for $4.80!

The Happy Buddy is super content with just the above amazing-ness, but here are a few other magical ways to jazz up your bubble-blowing fun this summer!

Click Image for Instructions

Make and Takes had fun mixing up some homemade bubbles.  Go HERE for the great recipe AND for some clever ideas on some different items to use for blowing your bubbles – like the top end of a salt shaker!  So smart!

Click Image for Instructions

How Does She? made snake bubbles using an empty plastic water bottle, a rag, and some soap!  Your Happy Buddies will love having competitions to see who can blow the longest snake!

Click Image for Instructions

Making Memories used bubbles to paint beautiful pictures!  It’s cheap, simple, and soooo fun.

Click Image for Instructions

Ramblings of a Crazy Woman also used bubbles to create art with her Happy Buddies, but in a different way…  Go check it out!

Click Image for Instructions

Busy Bee Kids Crafts invented this cool Bubble Factory out of just a few materials you probably already have in your pantry.  It will probably occupy your Happy Buddies for hours!

Click Image for Ewehoo Blog

Who knew that pipe cleaners make the best bubble wands?!  Ewe Hooo! made some cute ones for her daughter’s birthday party.  She said that the chenille absorbs the bubble mixture and makes even bigger bubbles.  I love that these can be personalized to whatever shape suits your fancy!

Plus, you should have pipe cleaners handy since they are in your Emergency Summer Fun Basket!

How many of us have spent longer than ten minutes trying to fish those plastic wands out of our bubble containers?!  I can’t wait to replace those lil’ buggers with my new cute-and-easily-accessible pipe cleaner wands!

Click Image for Instructions

Go HERE for a pipe cleaner bubble wand tutorial.

Click Image for Instructions

And finally, I found this fun bubble-themed birthday party over at One Charming Party.  The party guests climbed into a plastic pool filled with bubble solution and actually got put inside a jumbo bubble – they called it the HUMAN BUBBLE!  How COOL is that?!

You can check out more bubble party ideas HERE!

There you have it, Happy Home Friends!

I hope your summer ‘bursts’ with all kinds of bubble mania!

Happy Bubble-ing! :-)

6 thoughts on “Fun with Bubbles!

  1. ohmigosh – gymboree bubbles are our favorites, too! people always look at me funny when i tell them to go to gymboree to buy BUBBLES, but they really are the best! our children’s librarian introduced us to them….they seem to float FOREVER before bursting and they blow hundreds at a time. the gymboree cashier told me they are “sugar bubbles” – whatever that means – but what i do know is they don’t leave a slick, slimy mark wherever they land. we blow them in the kitchen and bathroom lots and have never had a residue problem.

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