Welcome to Summer Banner

In our neck of the woods, there are only 8 days left until the last day of school!

There is such a buzz of excitement around here as everyone enjoys the anticipation of using their Countdown to Summer Calendars!

Now is a great time to start thinking about how you can make the last day of school special for your Happy Buddy(ies)!

Over the next several days I will be posting some cute ideas to help you celebrate school’s ending in your Happy Home.

Image from Family Fun

I saw this idea in Family Fun magazine several years ago and fell in love!!

Our next door neighbor is a first grade teacher.  Summers are super special to her because she gets to spend so much time loving on her Happy Buddy, so I wanted to do something magical to celebrate her last day.

I popped by Walgreen’s for a piece of posterboard, brought it home and decorated it like the one you see above.  Then I hung it on her front door!  When she got home from her last day she was so excited!  And the best part is that she kept it hanging up all summer long in their Happy Home foyer!

Hang a poster on your front door when they come home from school!  Or stretch decorated butcher paper across the front doorway so that they can joyfully run through it!

My Happy Home Friend, Wendy, put her own spin on this idea by adding some fun summer buckets filled with summer-y goodies (new bathing suits, flip-flops, towels, Frisbees, etc.) as a special treat!

This is a simple, inexpensive way to bless your Happy Buddies as they welcome the summer season!

Happy Welcome to Summer Banner-ing! :-)

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