An Easter Basket for a Mom

Last year at Easter I decided that I was going to make an Easter basket for one of my mom friends.

This particular mom is really amazing at making things magical for her Happy Buddies.  She makes sure each one in her Happy Home has a wonderful Easter morning with baskets overflowing with treasures and treats.

I thought, This gal needs someone to make a basket for HER!

So I did!

I just hopped over to Target (ohhhh, Target, how you wreak havoc on my Visa bill!), picked out a cute basket and filled it with some girl-y seasonal items I found around the store.  I even found a strawberry huller on clearance and threw that in there (that ended up being her favorite thing!).

Then I presented it to her and told her not to open it until Easter morning when the rest of her Happy Home was enjoying their baskets.

She LOVED it!

I thought it would be fun to make a tradition out of it – ask God to help me pick a mom each year to whom I will bless with an Easter basket!  I couldn’t wait to get started when I knew who the Lord wanted to have a Mommy Easter Basket!

Here are a few pics of how her Easter basket turned out!The budget is tight this year, so I had to get creative!  God always does GREAT things in these desperate moments when I ask Him for help!  I remembered that I had a $30 Target giftcard hidden away since Christmas and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to spend it!

The bucket was $5 (I embellished it by gluing her name across the front with some chipboard letters I had on hand – a super cute idea that would work for your Happy Buddies’ baskets too!  Don’t you just love personalized things?).I filled it up with a set of Easter dish towels, spatulas, Martha Stewart Magazine’s Easter issue, 2 plastic Easter tumblers (I just loooove those!), a cute bunny-shaped bowl, a fun Easter banner for her to hang in her Happy Home, and a package of Easter-themed Post-It notes I found in the dollar bins.  I also think I am going to add some jellybeans (one of her fave Easter candies).I basically filled it with all the things I thought would be fun for a mom to get!  Everything you see was exactly $30!

What do you think, Happy Home Friends?  Is there a mom YOU could bless this year with a basket?  A mom you know that works so hard building her Happy Home and may need a little surprise magic in return this Easter morning?

It doesn’t have to be fancy – if you don’t have $30 Target giftcards lying around, then you may just want to send a card, or even a simple plastic egg with a note inside that says how much you admire and appreciate her and that she is doing a great job.  Everyone could use a bit of encouragement!

I’m giving Katie her basket today!  I can’t wait to see her face!  I pray that it will make her feel soo special and that she will feel super affirmed in her calling to keep on building her Happy Home in the strength and joy of our Resurrected Lord. :-)

I’d love to know if you decide to do this – please leave me a comment and tell me how it went!  Seriously, leaving me a comment would be like you giving me an Easter basket – I am not even kidding about that!!!

Happy Easter Basket for Mom-ing! :-)

14 thoughts on “An Easter Basket for a Mom

  1. cute basket!! my kids and I planning give to my mom wood box ( from Lowe’s build and grow from my kids) i will add recycle 3 bottles and add soil and herbs.

  2. This is a great idea and could work for anyone you think may need a pick-me up for a holiday or anytime(think stockings for Christmas!)…maybe expand your idea to include an elderly person or shut-in from your church or community…really cute and nice idea…I know I love getting cute little inexpensive things like this too…thanks!

  3. I am flying to our daughter’s home a few days before Easter because their 4th baby is due on Easter. I will be there to help for about 12 days, especially with the 6, 4 and 2 year old! Wouldn’t it be nice to give my daughter an Easter basket?!? Thanks for another great idea!

  4. I love this and ALL of your ideas! I always make sure to check your site every few days if not every day! I have a cousin who is a single mom of 2 boys and I always try to do something little for her since no one else really does. One year I gave her a blanket I had recieved for free as a black friday special and wrapped it up for her from Santa (I eventually told her it was from me I can never keep my poker face up!). This year on her birthday I gathered extra beauty supplies I had but probably wouldn’t use (soaps, nail polish, ect.) and put it in a basket I had just lying around! This is a great idea to add to what I’ve done. I love the special egg idea with the note in it! I plan to do that for her this year during the egg hunt at my Grandparents house! Thank you so much for always being so inspiring!
    <3 Rachel

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